19 Questions with Dipali Patwa, CEO and Founder of Masala Baby


January 14, 2019 – Masala Baby – Meet Dipali Patwa, CEO and Founder of Masala Baby Inc. After having worked at Martha Stewart Living as a designer, Patwa, who hails from India, was interested in building a brand of her own. She believed that the childrenswear market was in need of innovation and new meaningful ideas. With a full-time job at Mela Artisans, another NYC-based mission-driven brand, she was able to sustain herself while incubating Masala Baby which was completely self funded till November 2016. Thereafter, she left Mela Artisans, raised her first round of funding, and immersed herself full-time at the company. To start off 2019 on the right foot, we’ve asked Dipali to shed some light on her design process and experience as a multi-tasking mom and entrepreneur.

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