Childrenswear Trend Direction for Fall-Winter 2019: Second Sight


December 7, 2018 – UBM Fashion – Spirituality and sisterhood create a communal experience in Second Sight, a fall-winter 2019 story that explores the extrasensory world and gives meaning to occurrences with no scientific explanation, says Fashion Snoops.

In this undefined realm that goes beyond the five senses, we look to the 60’s, a pivotal decade when social norms were questioned, taboos were explored and rules were broken. Inspired by the alternative communities of like-minded people who thrived in this counterculture decade, the apparel is quirky, bohemian-crafty and shrouded in a bit of mysterious magic. Semi-surreal prints and patterns adorn rich crystal and jewel-hued garments. Silhouettes are comfortable but luxurious in their construction and details. Appeasing the senses, the clothing is rich in color, soft to touch and appeasing to the eye with delicate beading, radiant stones and mesmerizing patterns.

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