Brothers behind Montreal-based Hatley thrived by taking on adversity head first


February 5, 2018 – The Globe and Mail – Never ship snow globes across the Pacific Ocean in the dead of winter – they tend to freeze and explode.

That’s just one piece of sage (if ironic) advice that brothers Jeremy and Nick Oldland, the chief executive officer and creative director, respectively, of Hatley, have to offer their fellow entrepreneurs.

The Oldlands share the story with a laugh and a nod to the many challenges their family has overcome to turn Montreal-based Hatley, a maker of children’s rainwear, clothing and accessories as well as women’s casual apparel, into a global brand. The company has grown steadily since the duo, along with their brother and company president Chris, took the reins from their parents 20 years ago.

While that ill-fated shipment of 5,000 shattered snow globes may have cost the trio about $10,000 and delivered a valuable lesson in oceanic freeze-thaw dynamics, it marks a rare comical misstep on an otherwise impressive managerial record.

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