‘I’m not going anywhere’: Nelly’s marks 40 years in Fall River, MA


March 12, 2019 – The Herald News – She was newly married, a kid really, when her mother-in-law saw an open space and an unfilled need in the Flint, Nelly Silva said.

“My in laws both had stores here in the Flint,” she said. “He had a men’s store. She had a woman’s store.

“When a space opened up, my mother-in-law told me I should take it. No one was selling children’s clothes here.

“So I opened Nelly’s.”

Now some of the children she fitted with jackets and sweaters when she first opened are bringing their grandchildren to her store.

“I’ve had people bring in great-grandchildren,” she said “I tell them they can’t be old enough because I’m not that told.”

But 40 years, she admits, is a long time.

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