Business Week: The New Science of Siting Stores 

Business Week: The Best E-commerce Host for You? Estimate sales growth, ensure potential hosts can work with your existing technology and fulfillment house, then start shopping around.

Cotton Inc.: An Insight Into the Children's Apparel Market - These findings offer a snapshot of the market for children's apparel and some insight into how this market compares with the adults' apparel market.  

-Stores Magazine: How to Win the Trade-off Battle; Wharton professor says merchants must define their approach

-Wharton School: Beware of Dissatisfied Consumers - They Like to Blab  

Part I: Opening a Better Children's Wear Store - Before You Hang Out Your Shingle, Ask the Experts for Advice

Part II: Opening a Better Children's Wear Store - How to Lease So the Landlord Doesn't Get Rich and Tackling Basic Renovations

New York Magazine: Start Your Own Kids' Store - The financial calculus of five classic New York retail dreams, based on a combination of real figures and estimates.

The California Market Center's New Buyer Kit - information on buying procedures and getting started

America'sMart Atlanta - New Retailer Information Packet

Americas'sMart Atlanta - In the July 2006 Market Guide, two longtime children's sales reps and a Tampa, Florida retailer say product diversification is critical for store buyers. (Wait for the Guide to load and then click the "Children's World" tab on far right, near bottom of page; article begins on page 602.)

America's Mart Atlanta - In the January 2007 Market Guide Nancy Strickland, owner of Mt. Pleasant, SC-based Calico Closet, has found a way to stay true to her core business of classic apparel while also keeping current on the latest trends. (Wait for the Guide to load and then click the "Children's World" tab on far right, near bottom of page; article begins on page 635.)

From George Little Management, the producers of the New York International Gift Fair, and many other trade shows - A New Buyer Handbook

New Retailers' Frequently Asked Questions

From the Michigan Retailers Association - a monthly question-and-answer column

Interview: Making Retail Businesses Work Everyday

Challenges of the Future: The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America is a new white paper offering strategies for the future survival and growth of independent retailers, as demonstrated through expert interviews and a series of case studies with successful independents in a variety of merchandise lines around the country. 

Retail Industry Research: Summaries of leading retail industry research through the National Retail Federation's website. The database contains abstracts from studies completed by researchers from leading universities. Topics include store management, retail marketing, retail technology and more.



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