Welcome Our "Best in Show" Fall 2007 Newcomer: Juney Bloom  

Before selecting a collection for our "Best in Show" recognition, I ask myself: How would a child feel in the clothing? Will the garments move with an active body? Will a kid like the colors? The fabrics? When they walk into a classroom, or onto the playground, or they attend a birthday party will the clothing be appropriate, and, more importantly, will the child feel beautiful wearing it?

Those questions were answered with a resounding "Yes!" when I stepped into Susan Exley's booth at Children's Club. It was apparent that this newcomer thought first of the girl and her needs, then channeled her findings into her unique, overtly feminine, modern yet nostalgic collection, Juney Bloom.

A former stylist in film and advertising, who works regularly for Bride Magazine, California-based Exley brings a refined sense of color and shape to her diminutive line. The workmanship that went into each piece too, is as accomplished as her design skills.

For such an auspicious foray into the childrenswear market, Susan Exley's Juney Bloom collection is our "Best in Show Newcomer" for Fall/Winter 2007-2008.

"I began my love affair with fashion in the late Sixties when I discovered Victorian petticoats and a Biba T-shirt dress," says Exley of her early introduction to style. Those two influences are still present in her collection.

Exley's delicate separates are based on a "layering principal." Her collection's core piece is a "petticoat" in cotton voile or taffeta. The dress is charming as a ruffle-trimmed multi-season frock, or serves as an underlying tier for her other items. Over that piece, she offers loose fitting jumpers, simple, elegant smocks, jackets and skirts all with an organic, softly belled silhouette. She wisely chooses a palette of understated smoky rose and neutrals, and textiles such as single-colored washed linen, cotton voile, baby-corduroy and silk that don't distract from her intriguing, organically shaped styles. The one exception to the solids: A stunning, Asian-inspired silk coat embroidered with vines and flowers and edged in velvet ribbon.

Congratulations Susan! Your lovely collection is what our "Best in Show" is all about.




Homebase: North Hollywood, CA

DESIGNER: Susan Exley

Sizes: 2 to 6X; Wholesale prices: $27-$140

In her words: "I'm inspired by the textures of classic fabrics, the timeless forms of nature and a palette of colors that comfort and energize. I've distilled those influences down to their essence, infused them with a playful childlike spirit and fashioned them into an array of elegantly simple attire that is at once traditional, innovative and a whole lot of fun!"


Favorites: The dove gray "petticoat" is frill-friendly yet modern. It's gorgeous solo in the spring and summer, and just as striking as a layering piece beneath her jumpers and exotic coat.


It's petticoat junction when the gray slip serves as a buoyant underpinning for the tiered peach "Jumper." For cooler weather, add a T-shirt.


Curved seams lend a feminine flavor to the "Corduroy/Flannel Jacket" and playful circle skirt.


This gorgeous embroidered silk taffeta coat is a heart-stopper, but it's the garment's versatility that makes it so buyer friendly. It's picture perfect over the dove gray petticoat; now imagine the coat atop velvet leggings, a simple rose-colored A-line dress, skinny jeans.


Tel: 818-506-9106



Originally published April 12, 2007


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