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Welcome Aboard: Spring 2003 Newcomers

Who doesn't appreciate new designers with a “To hell with the economy; I'll just go for it” attitude? Several spunky souls made their debut at the Spring 2003 ENK Children's Club Show held on October 20-22 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. Their lines--whether they exhibited no frills sophistication or a vintage and eclectic look--will appeal to any buyer who demands great quality and that hard to define, “something special.”


A FEW EASY PIECES: Sportswear Looks that Made the Grade


DESIGNER: Eliza Gran

Eliza Gran's line is diminutive--just 8 designs. Her simple silhouettes--halter tops, short-shorts and capris--allow 1950's-style prints to take center stage. Even Gran's ruffled outfits are fuss-free.

Outstanding Piece: The red print pinafore with contrasting white printed detailing and ruffles at the shoulders. The back crisscrosses. Remember Dick, Jane and Sally?


Eliza Gran, 345 Hudson Street, NYC, NY 10014. Tel/Fax. 212-226-2106, e-mail: elizagran@earthlink.net



DESIGNER: Dianna Nygren

Pineapple Kiss is the perfect name for this playful collection of tropically colored coordinates. A deep orange ribbon closes the hood of a peach colored terry cloth jacket and pants set; and a big, multi-petaled flower on the crown of a floppy hat are the kind of sweet, unexpected touches that make this line a winner.

Outstanding Piece: The sleeveless A-line in a sky blue and royal tropical print. Just imagine it with a tan.

Pineapple Kiss, 7 Verndale Street, Brookline, MA 02446. Tel. 617-957-6064, e-mail: pineapplekiss@operamail.com



DESIGNER: Dianna Colton

In Diana Colton's hands a vintage tablecloth becomes a great pair of bell bottoms; a handkerchief doubles as the apron on a sun dress; and the scarf that your mother used to keep her beehive hairdo in place is reborn as sleeves on a peasant blouse. Her originality means no two boutiques will ever have the same Cu Baby designs.

Outstanding Piece: Off the bed and onto your baby. A pillowcase, hand-embroidered with flowers in bloom, becomes a simple peasant blouse that ties with a ribbon at the neckline.


CU Baby, 6313 Farmdale, Austin , Texas 78749. Tel: 512-657-8436, email: cubaby@andthensome.com, www.cubabywear.com



DESIGNER: Wendy Davis

Run Scotty Run, an Australian company, makes its U.S. debut with Wendy Davis' comfortable designs. Big fuchsia roses splash across the front of a white skirt; a striped jersey one-piece in sun-baked tones of terra cotta, red, fuchsia and lime, gets flirty with a ruffle around the collar and pant's hems; and a jaunty embroidered pinwheel embellishes the front of a lime green unitard.

Outstanding Piece: The hibiscus embroidered T-shirt with a coordinating skirt in a hibiscus red and gray print. The grown up color pairing puts a fresh spin on the typical tropical.

Run Scotty Run, Austral-USA, toll-free (877)-RUN SCOTTY. John R. Miller, Direct: 630 258-0626,email: jmiller@austral-usa.com, www.runscottyrun.com



DESIGNER: Sunny Donovan

Just when you think boys' lines all look the same, along comes Sunny Donovan.

Her aesthetic is retro, but she prefers solid linen combinations or subtle woven stripes to recognizable prints. Loose, button-down shirts and baggy, cuffed pants have a "Nuevo Latino" feeling.

Outstanding Piece: The Honeymooner's style black and white cotton bowling shirt. A little boy won't get the reference, but his mom will.

Acme, 223 72nd Street, North Bergen, NJ 07047 Tel. 347-512-7877




DESIGNER: Emily Meyer

This is the debut for Leigh Rawdon's and Emily Meyer's, Tea, a collection of refined knitwear and accessories. Their designs "combine a modern sense of style with subtle global references." Knit from 100 percent Pima cotton; the yarn has an especially soft hand. Sweaters are shaped kimono-style: either double-breasted or with a one-button closing at the top.

Outstanding Pieces: The double-breasted sweater with matching cap and blanket. The sweater looks cozy, but it's the fearless combination of soft aqua trimmed in rich ruby red that makes the piece unisex and unique.

Tea, 358 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Tel. 415-221-4tea, e-mail: info@teacollection.com, www.teacollection.com



DESIGNER: Margaret Crary

There are plenty of knitwear lines out there, but how many manufacturers incorporate a toy into their designs?

Margaret Crary's new Skelagamink line of fun knitwear features unstructured shapes that are perfect for both sexes. Modern color combinations like red and brown and blues and greens give the line its sophistication, while animal hand puppets--that pop from the pockets--provide the charm.

Outstanding Pieces: The red and brown pullover sweater and pants: the colors are rich; the simple decorations are geometric; and of course there's the hand puppets.

Skelagamink, 1417 North Wicker Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622. Tel. 773-645-5052, email: margaretbcrary@yahoo.com


AREN'T YOU SPECIAL!: Dresses For Any Occasion


DESIGNER: Monique Rodriquez

This is a new line for the Janis Millstein showroom. The feminine dresses, with delicate hand-smocking, will appeal to moms who appreciate a traditional look without a lot of fuss and fluff. And, the wholesale prices are great--$27-$36. What's there not to love?

Outstanding Piece: A white dress scattered with cheerful red flowers. The spaghetti straps and smoked bodice have flirty appeal.


Janis Millstein Sales, 112 West 34th Street, Suite 711, NYC, NY 10120. Tel. 212-239-4660, e-mail: janisales@aol.com.



DESIGNER: Bethany Laprade

What romance! Bethany Laprade's dresses have long full skirts that graze the ankles; shimmering fabrications that give the complexion a glow; and colors like fresh cream, champagne and wisteria blossoms.

Outstanding Pieces: There are several. The lilac-sashed white dress with embroidery scattered over the full skirt would make Scarlet O'Hara swoon; and the champagne colored silk, without a single embellishment, is as graceful as a dancer in a Degas pastel.

Kaya Collection, 2780 Outpost Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Tel. 323-850-6525, e-mail: info@kayacollection.com, www.kayacollection.com




DESIGNERS: Johanna Leestma LaFleur and Catherine Granville

Designer Johanna Leestma LaFleur, with partner Steve Granville, held a focus group for new mothers and asked, "What makes the ideal diaper bag?" The answers they received were instrumental in designing their user-friendly bag. The bag won't tip when it's placed on the ground; has a matching changing pad; is waterproof inside and out; and has a non-slip rubber shoulder strap. Best of all, the bags' funky stripes or subtle, vintage looking prints look hip.

Outstanding Piece: The gorgeous Robert Kaufman stripe in tones of chartreuse, pink and orange. My daughter is 12 and I'd carry it.


Fleurville, 105 Gregory Drive, Fairfax, CA 94930. Tel. 415-482-8510, e-mail: steve@fleurville.com, www.fleurville.com





















Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. This year, Tina begins teaching a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.