on the inside with tina barry

About Fall '03

January shows exhibiting immediate to early children's wear fall collections have traditionally been small and often poorly attended. At the ENK Children's Club show, held from January 12-14, not only were more designers exhibiting their lines, but a healthy turnout of buyers made the trek to New York in pursuit of fresh merchandise.

And, fresh it was. Last season's peasant overload: ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles; head-to-toe lace; and more patches than grandma's afghan, has evolved into a look with a more discreet charm. While styling is still naïve and the romantic look is streamlined - where there were once ten ruffles, now there is one.

Below are a few designers whose collections caught our attention.




DESIGNER: The Jean Bourget Design Team

Oohs and aahs emanated from the Jean Bourget booth as ecstatic buyers perused the line. Their Tiny collection, sized from three months to four years, is coordinated right down to the matching, patterned tights. And the colors! Rich orange velvet over ecru; men's wear striped wool in chocolate over a silky, taupe and wine floral skirt; dusty, mauvey pinks. There wasn't a dud in the entire collection.

Outstanding Pieces: A two-layered, soft, brushed flannel dress. The top is a tiny all-over print of wine on olive, a single ruffle at its hem; the bottom layer is simply olive. Comfy, cotton tights in happy, patterned bands of olive and wine complete the look.

131 West 33rd Street, Suite 1006, NYC, NY 10001, Tel: 212-279-7672 Fax: 212-564-4536; www.jeanbourget.com



DESIGNER: Linda Clark

The Soleil collection is known for hip looking prints and fashion forward styling. Clark's fall line is no exception. Simple dresses with romantic patterns edged in lace; great denim skirts and pants; and novelty textiles add up to an exciting season.


Outstanding Piece: The casual dress 'em up or down styling of the black corduroy pants with the all-over embroidery and faux-leather, lace-front opening. Perfect for any occasion except a Bar Mitzvah.

1407 Broadway, Suite 514, NYC, NY 10018, Tel: 212-354-1077 Fax: 212-354-1292; www.jamesgirone.com/soleil



DESIGNER: Tina Neumann

Tina Neumann maintains her reign as the children's wear industry's queen of innovation. She's fearless and the results are spectacular.


Outstanding Pieces: Perfect for immediate into early fall. The top - a rust, one-shoulder stretchy knit trimmed with a sky and cerulean blue double ruffle. The pant - pattern-on-pattern in rusts and blues. The look works for a confident junior or her petite mother.

Natalie & Friends 131 West 33rd Street, Suite 401, NYC, NY 10001, Tel: 212-947-2995 Fax-201-947-2019; e-mail: natnfrnds@aol.com; age 1 to 16, Tel: 213-629-1690; e-mail: age1to16@att.net




DESIGNERS: Holly and Keith Kauffman

Try finding a boys' line as elegant as this one. The Kauffmans use Tencel, washable Ultra suede, wool and cotton spandex for their collection. The clean styling and loose shapes reflect a hint of fifties nostalgia. Their color sense references Paris not Seventh Avenue.

Outstanding Pieces: The beautifully coordinated sets in deep olive, taupe, navy and a touch of pumpkin. Kauffmans' clothes are hip, casual; perfect for dinner with Mom and Dad, great for school and any other occasion you can think of.

3645 Inglewood Avenue #3, Redondo Beach, CA  90278; Tel: 310.214.1886; e-mail: sales@kkauff-men.com; www.kkauff-men.com



DESIGNER: Bill Mullen

This line is as American as baseball and apple pie. Rich neutral tones with punches of hot color, great slouchy shapes, sports motifs that look hand-drawn: there's nothing here for a boy not to like.

Outstanding Pieces: All the great t-shirts.

34 West 33rd Street, Suite 324, NYC, NY 10001; Tel: 800-600-9377 Fax: 712-347-6115 e-mail: wesnwly@aol.com




DESIGNER: Valerie Newman

Imagine little girls dressed as fairy princesses, drinking tea, waving wands and charming the pants off their parents and grandparents. Think camisole-like tops over big, floaty, crinoline covered skirts and you've got the idea.


Outstanding Piece: Perfect for warm climates. The white top with lilac and blue hankies over a big lilac skirt scattered with flower petals. Enchanting.

204 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302; Tel: 201-333-4400 Fax: 201-333-4460; kittygirlsdesign@aol.com; www.kittygirlsdesign.com



DESIGNER: The Tami Collection Design Team

Glamorous special occasion dresses with flattering, sophisticated silhouettes are the Tami Collection's trademark.


OUTSTANDING PIECE: Next to all the cloud-like white dresses and fresh pastels, this beauty glimmered like a ruby among diamonds. Envision what the dress' rich garnet color and sparkling beads could do for a girl's complexion.

1228-C South San Julian, Los Angeles, CA 90015; Tel: 213-747-2700, Fax: 213-747-4559; www.jamesgirone.com/tamicollection




DESIGNERS: Aimee Pesce and Alisa Neely

The sister team of Pesce and Neely have a knack for finding the motif that expresses the country's current vibe. For spring, Due Sorelle offered t's with yoga poses and zodiac signs; for fall look for white Laverne and Shirley-style embroidered monograms on bright colored grounds.

Outstanding Piece: There's a recession so the bright colors and monograms that remind us of simpler times are fitting.

P.O. Box 230509, Boston, MA 02123, Tel: 617-262-8167 Fax: 617-267-3912 e-mail: info@duesorelleonline.com; www.duesorelleonline.com



DESIGNER: Jessica Weiner

Each season designer Jessica Weiner unearths the cutest appliqués for her coordinating t-shirt sets. This season she explores the natural world for ladybugs, butterflies and snails all with fuzzy, soft-to-the-touch surfaces.

Outstanding Pieces: All the three-piece t-shirt sets.

201 East 69th Street, Suite 11J; NYC, NY 10021; Tel: 212-639-9219 Fax: 212-639-1982 e-mail: jsw272@aol.com; www.jamesgirone.com/jessicaweiner



DESIGNER: Lisa Monfried

I can't imagine a children's wear store without Lisa Monfried's bejeweled t-shirts. They're a must-have to wear with jeans, skirts, everything!

Outstanding Piece: The deep rose-colored t-shirt with the blue rhinestone-covered heart. It's a classic.

72 Mohawk Avenue, Norwood, NJ 07648; Tel: 201-417-5412 Fax: 201-767-2638 e-mail: l.monfried@verizon.net; www.jamesgirone.com/lemon




DESIGNER: Carolina Zapf

"Hello, Madonna? Rocco's cashmere sweater sets have arrived. Shall I include coordinating blankets with your purchase?" It's luxury all the way with this collection: cashmere, mercerized cotton and butter soft silk sweaters and accessories in off white, a pale dusty pink and a baby blue.

Outstanding Pieces: The cashmere mock turtleneck set with the fine cable stitching and tiny wood buttons: ideal for babies and the rock royalty who love them.

211 Central Park West, Suite 9K, NYC, NY 10024; Tel: 1-877-8-BABYCZ, 212-580-5190; Fax: 212-579-0924 e-mail: info@babycz.com



DESIGNER: Emily Meyer

Add sophisticated new colors and a modern shape to a simple collection, steep for a season and what do you have? Tea, of course. For fall, Meyer has added a longer, knit "Chinese Jacket" to her line and cotton blankets in tiny geometric prints with names like eternity, unity and glory.

Outstanding Pieces: The Chinese Jacket in plum; the great pistachio edged in plum combination on their kimono jacket; and the matching blankets. Very soothing.

358 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301; Tel: 415-221-4TEA, Fax: 650-473-6629 e-mail: info@teacollection.com, www.teacollection.com




DESIGNER: Andrea Chafetz

Rich jewel tones, sequins in unusual shapes, grosgrain ribbon and funky textures are just a few of the great looks to be found in Chafetz' classics with a twist collection.

Outstanding Pieces: The headbands and hair ties covered in a soft, shaggy material. Their texture will update any outfit and the colors - deep gold, rusty red and dark brown - make them the ideal accessory for fall wardrobes.

5105 Chevy Chase Parkway NW, Suite 300; Washington, D.C. 20008; Tel: 202-966-7004, Fax: 202-966-7142; e-mail: info@andreasbeau.com; www.andreasbeau.com; www.jamesgirone.com/andreasbeau



DESIGNER: Dora Marra

Bright, playful, fun-loving and fashion-forward hair accessories with everything from hand-stitched, felt flowered hair ties, teddy bears for a pony tail, and barrettes covered with semiprecious turquoise stones.


Outstanding Piece: Hair accessories are this company's bread and butter, but the little suede bags with the 60's flower appliqués work for children of any age.

39 W. 38th St., New York, NY 10018, Tel: 212-719-0059 Fax: 212-719-0067; www.jamesgirone.com/headdress; E-mail: doramarra@aol.com




DESIGNER: Deborah and Marcelo Soriano

For the little girl who perfects her tan year round, the Sorianos offer swim wear in adorable prints with just enough embellishment to give them a little oomph.

Outstanding Piece: The briefest of bikinis covered in faux-rose petals. It's part Vegas show girl part Venus on the half shell. She'll want one in all four colors.

18300 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL 33160; Tel: 305-931-4196, Fax: 305-931-9419 e-mail: submarineswim@aol.com; www.submarinekids.com.br




DESIGNER: Ellie Neft

Lifting a plump, pink baby out of the tub and snuggling it into a warm towel is a pleasure few mothers forget; now imagine that baby wrapped in a Googie towel, its hood the face of a smiling bee or sleepy-eyed kangaroo: doubly adorable!


Outstanding Piece: All the hooded towels and robes make perfect gift wear.

3621 Broadway Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007; Tel: 323-234-6955 Fax: 323-234-6430; e-mail: googieco@cs.com; www.jamesgirone.com/googie



DESIGNER: Tammy Kaufman

Tammy Kaufman's bananas over bandanas: she uses them as blanket coverings, bibs, burp cloths, diaper sacks and hooded towels. When bandanas just won't cut it, she turns to a collection of sweet cotton prints.

Outstanding Pieces: Anything covered with a bandana.

1264 Manor Drive South; Weston, FL 33326; Tel: 954-384-0541; www.jamesgirone.com/kiddorags; Email: stnckaufman@aol.com; Lifelines for Kids, NY Rep, Tel: 212-947-3355


















Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. This year, Tina begins teaching a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.