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Fall 2003: Designer Roundup

Children's collections exhibited at the ENK Children's Club Show held from March 9-12 referenced an era when people flashed the peace sign and "love ins" were commonplace. Only the designers can tell you if they followed a natural evolution when creating their collections or acted on a bit of prescience, but their hippie-heavy collections seem especially apt at this moment.

Below are a few collections that "brought the sunshine in."



TOSHA HAYS (Children's Business Fresh Face Winner 2002)

DESIGNER: Tosha Hays

Minimalist Tosha Hays adds monograms to her clean-lined christening wear, blankets, bibs and pillows.

Sizes: Layette-7; Wholesale prices: $69-$199


Outstanding Piece: Hays travels to the Orient this season with a kimono-style christening gown. The design is just feminine enough for girls and not too sweet for an infant boy.

3209 Goneaway Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
Tel: 704-643-6799 Fax: 208-694-5802
E-mail: brad@toshahays.com




DESIGNERS: Vicente Velasquez and Lisa Di Napoli

Anavini's collection of special occasion dresses is always tasteful and appropriate for the important events in a child's life. This season the designers choose a palette of rich roses and browns or pinks and reds as a warm canvas for the smocking and embroidery buyers expect.

Sizes: Layette to 7; Wholesale prices: Contact manufacturer

Outstanding Piece: The smocked dress in orchid with the brown over-skirt. The colors are fashion forward yet the styling remains timeless.

4340 SW 73rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33155
Tel: 305-261-1799 Fax: 305-261-1082
E-mail: anavini@bellsouth.net



DESIGNER: Bianca Hoi

She'll be singing "All That Jazz" in Bianca Hoi's "Chicago" inspired specialty dresses. A-symmetrical hemlines, chiffon, beaded roses and burnouts on silk give you an idea of the sexy, kick-up-your-heels flavor of this fun dress line.

Sizes: 4-16; Wholesale prices: $56-$74

Outstanding Piece: The black silk with beading will knock the socks off the prom king.

1103 Keller Parkway, Suite 303
Keller, TX 76248
Tel: 817-337-4008 Fax: 817-337 9980
E-mail: sales@bianniAG.com



DESIGNER: Marta Negron

This was the third show for the Reina Mora collection based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mora's special occasion pieces are casually elegant.

Sizes: 2T-14; Wholesale prices: $45-$69


Outstanding Pieces: The red and black lace top over a black silk skirt with a simple bow. Very "Jackie O."

P.O. Box 1827
Moca, Puerto Rico 00676
Tel: 787-997-4572 Fax: 787-882-2000
E-mail: info@reinamorapr.com



DESIGNER: Susan Flynn Barksdale 

Barksdale's collections of christening, communion and holiday dressing are always dreamy and romantic. She's a craftsman and it shows in the dresses' tailoring.

Sizes: 6 months to 16; Wholesale prices: Approximately $30 for a boy's vest up to $165 for a girl's silk shantung dress.

Outstanding Piece: The raw silk Shantung dress in a dusty lilac with an overskirt lined in sage. The lining is visible when the edge of the overskirt is turned up, but that flash of color lights up the look.

180 Grove Street
Stratford, CT 06615
Tel: 508-337-2983
E-mail: mkf@sfbdesigns.com



DESIGNER: Shirley Krifter
Sizes: 2T-14
This was the first show for Shirley Krifter who manufacturers her line in Puerto Rico. Each of her sportswear pieces is beautifully tailored, and each fabrication carefully chosen, reflecting Krifter's training under such fashion stars as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Chanel.
Outstanding Pieces: The vintage inspired wallpaper print shirt in coral, wine and cream worn with dusty coral pants and a pretty, ribbon-woven belt. The look is trendy without being flashy.
Altamira 11th. St. D-50
Fajardo, P.R. 00738
Tel: 787-536-9152
Fax: 787-860-2248
Betsy Prieto, Sales Manager
Tel: 787-586-9191
email: skrifter1@yahoo.com


DESIGNER: Lynette Hershler

No trend is unexploited in Hershler's collections. She layers, crinkles, appliqués, tie-dyes, trims with lace, and as if that weren't enough, she hand-paints roses, irises or daisies on each piece.

Sizes: 6 months-14 years; Wholesale prices: $15-$38

Outstanding Piece: The pretty, hand-painted velvet dress in the dusty plum color. Part of the Monet's Garden group the dress looks newly bloomed.

15400 Milldale Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Tel: 310-472-0442
Fax: 310-471-6385
E-mail: info@baluusa.com


DESIGNER: Dawn Bigley
Trend driven sportswear is this company's forte. Bigley's European influenced groups bring soft colorations in dusty peach and cream, or wine and cream with enough fringes, ribbon trim and shirred detail to give the collection oomph.
Sizes: 6 months to 14; Wholesale prices: $6-$58
Outstanding Pieces: The shiny, panne velvet top and patched silk skirt in a rich shade of burgundy. The shapes are easy to wear and the color is a no-brainer for any complexion.
3480 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Tel: 323.231.9036
Fax: 323.231.9038
E-mail: info@georags.com


IVKA (Children's Business Fresh Face Winner 2002)

DESIGNER: Tanya Amari

Tanya Amari won the Fresh Face Award for 2002 in the toddler division for good reason. Her designs are impeccable - clean lines and imaginative detail. She favors neutral tones with a pop of bright orange or sky blue to lighten the looks.

Sizes: 12months-7; Wholesale prices: $10-$40

Outstanding Piece: The soft, light blue jumper with the rust piping. The piece is one of the more understated designs in any collection, but buyers lingered at Amari's booth marveling at the A-line's details.

162 Fifth Avenue, Ground floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel: 718-230-0404 Fax: 718-398-4088
E-mail: ivka22@hotmail.com



DESIGNERS: Charlotte Green and Sharon Largberger

Every season this company offers basic yet hip, garment-dyed cotton knitwear in great colors. No boutique should be without a selection of their go-with-everything pieces.

Sizes: Layette to 16; Wholesale prices: $6.50-$25

Outstanding Piece: The rich, fuchsia t-shirt with the ribbon that resembled a tidal wave swirling across one shoulder. If the fuchsia doesn't work than one of the 35 other shades will.

203 West Thomas Street, Seattle WA 98119
Tel: 206-282-0075



DESIGNER: Mark and Sissy Caskenette  

Color combining in aqua, poppy and cinnamon; navy, teal and camel; and mustard, forest and blaze imbue this Australian collection with a strong, European flavor. Embroidery, A-symmetrical hems, faux suede and lots of stripes look chic.

Sizes: 12 months to 14; Wholesale prices: $9-$33.50


Outstanding Pieces: The striped, ruffle-trimmed blouse in tones of poppy and blue worn with the cinnamon, slant-hemmed skirt with big, pink embroidered roses. Perfect for a trip to Paris or a cup of hot chocolate in a Soho bistro.

5640 Tomken Road, Unit 3
Mississauga, Ontario
14W 1P4 Canada
Tel: 905-206-0002/877-Gumboots
Fax: 905-206-0339
email: markc@gumboots.com



DESIGNER: Diana Cheren Nygren

You'll want to give Nygren a big pineapple kiss when you see her playful styles for fall. Bright sage, pinks and teal, happy 60's inspired prints, and soft, fleecy textures make this the "it" collection for boutiques.

Sizes: 12 months to 7 years; Wholesale Prices: $10-$47

Outstanding Pieces: The teal striped jersey t-shirt worn under the fleecy, dotted jumper in kiwi. The turquoise faux-fur trim is one reason this collections such a winner.

7 Verndale Street, Suite 5
Brookline, MA 02446
Tel: 617-957-6064 Fax: 720-384-2470
E-mail: PineappleKiss@operamail.com




DESIGNER: Sunny Donovan

Remember Little Ricky from I Love Lucy? Donovan's lightweight wool and cotton twill separates, in loose 1950's-style shapes, would please both the Ricky's in Lucy's life.

Sizes: 12 months to 6; Wholesale prices: $20-$28

Outstanding Pieces: The roomy jacket with tweed pants. The aqua and charcoal coloration looks swanky and the two pleats that run down the jacket's back give the piece plenty of back interest. Perfect with the baggy, pleated, gray tweed pants.

223 72nd Street, Suite 411
North Bergen, NJ 07047
Tel: 347-512-7877 Fax: 801-504-0321
email: info@acme-boy.com



DESIGNER: Steve Springer

Steve Springer's collection for boys and only boys features denim, team numbers, race cars, stamped-looking trucks on t-shirts and cargo pants. His pieces are ideal for school, sports events or anywhere boys gather.

Sizes: 12 months to 10; Wholesale prices: $8.75-$28

Outstanding Pieces: The vintage stonewashed t-shirts and the tie-dyed tees. They're fashion forward yet unmistakably All-American boy.

2210 Sunnybrook Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Toll Free Tel: 877-703-9221 Fax: 801-466-0550
E-Mail: steve@dogwoodusa.com



DESIGNERS: Holly and Keith Kauffman

The Kauffman's know how to craft a boys' line. Their styles have enough fashion forward fabrications and shapes to please a boy's mom, but the pieces are not overtly trendy.

Sizes: 3 months-7; Wholesale prices: $16-$48

Outstanding Pieces: The batik-like shirt with the roomy pants in a deep blue. Quietly elegant.
2207 Graham Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Tel: 310-214-1886 Fax: 310-214-1886
E-Mail: keith@kkauff-men.com




DESIGNER: Florence Wetterwald

Give a child a blabla sweater and they'll want the pants, matching hat and coordinating scarf. Then there's no pleasing them until every piece of Wetterwald's 50-item collection is neatly folded in their dresser. Blame yourself if your gift leads to addiction.

Sizes: 6 months to 8 years; Wholesale prices: $12-$44

Outstanding Pieces: The two-button cardigan with the afghan-crocheted sleeves in dusty blues with the hat and scarf. Trend watchers will want the set because it's cool; classicists will love its simple lines and understated colors. A winner.
139 Barksdale Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Tel: 404-875-6496 Fax: 404-875-6715
E-mail: blablacompany@earthlink.net



DESIGNER: Michele Uzbay

This season Uzbay has added jeans, booties and ponchos to her sweaters, one-pieces and dresses. Her pink, white and navy, flower festooned sets or simple striped looks are appealingly sweet.

Sizes: 3 months to 24 months; Wholesale prices: $12-$40

Outstanding Piece: The black sweater with pastel crocheted roses. The black is tres chic.

39 Caumsett Woods Lane
Woodbury, NY 11797
Tel: 516-921-7778 Fax: 516-921-6151
E-mail: lokum2@aol.com



DESIGNER: Maribel Beas

Baby Alpaca is the softest yarn next to cashmere and the only fiber Beas' uses for her knitwear - just what a mother wants against her baby's delicate skin.

Sizes: Infant to 6; Wholesale prices: $10 - $48


Outstanding Pieces: The raspberry knit coat over a sleeveless dress. The matching hat and booties are trimmed with beige knit flowers. A grandma magnet.

134 West Upsal Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Tel: 215-915-7893 Fax: 413-638-5093
E-mail: sales@renattoni.com



DESIGNER: Margaret Crary

This season Crary uses coral, orchid, scarlet, dusty pink and cocoa in blocks of deep color to accent her simple shapes.

Sizes: Infant-6 years; Wholesale prices: $20-$45

Outstanding Piece: The orchid knit sweater with one, cocoa-trimmed ruffle running down its center. There's great chemistry in that color pairing.

1417 North Wicker Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Tel: 773-645-5052 Fax: 312-733-1256
E-mail: margaretbcrary@yahoo.com


DESIGNER: Emily Meyer
The East meets West aesthetic of this collection is right at home in any boutique. Meyer possesses a refined color sense and a great eye for understated prints.
Sizes: 6 months-4T; Wholesale prices:$15-$33
Outstanding Pieces: The kimono robe in ruby red or walnut brown. The cozy robe looks great paired with the striped scarf hat, cap or mittens.
2325 Third Street, Suite 218
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: 415.621.9400 Fax: 415.840.0370
E-mail: info@teacollection.com  




DESIGNER: Jane Albin

Luxurious additions like soft fur trim and matching muffs have buyers reordering Albin's classic coats each season.

Sizes: 3 months-4; Wholesale prices: $40-100


Outstanding Piece: The undeniably feminine pale pink wool coat with the white collar, cuffs and muff. It makes no apologies for being pretty.

326 Market Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Tel: 570-523-0788 Fax: 570-523-0789
E-mail: info@katieco.com


















Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. This year, Tina begins teaching a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.