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A Refined Spring 2004 at the ENK Children's Club Show

In August ruffles were everywhere. By the October ENK Children's Club show, held in New York, a more refined aesthetic surfaced. Collections reflected clean styling, pretty colors and sophisticated neutrals.

A few collections with the right stuff.





Sizes: 3 months-6. Wholesale prices: $11-$28.

Smith knows how to choose prints and add just the right amount of embellishment.

Outstanding Pieces: The crisp white halter-top scattered with tiny navy flowers worn over navy boot-cut pants. Little touches like the pink crocheted roses on the halter's neckline and one near the pant's hem, and the bit of rickrack trim, tie the look together.


33 Kings Highway
New City, NY 10956
Tel: 845-638-3263
E-mail: Chiarakids@cs.com



DESIGNER: Deux par Deux design team

Sizes: contact manufacturer. Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer.

Some designers are great with shape; others can manipulate color. The design team at Deux par Deux do both beautifully. Don't hate them for being talented.

Outstanding Pieces: The melon, cranberry and wine group. Understated shapes emphasis the delicious colors.


433 Chabanel Ouest
Montréal, Québec
Tél: 514-383-3408
E-mail: info@deuxpardeux.com



DESIGNER: Helen Namkoong

Sizes: 3 months-16. Wholesale prices: $13-$48.

Clean lines and interesting detail define the Kid Rascal look. For spring, Namkoong exhibited a collection in a cool color palette that was as refreshing as a dip in the pool.

Outstanding Pieces: The tiny floral print top in soft blue with the ribbon-festooned white A-line skirt. The slightest breeze would make those ribbons dance. Also loved the A-line dresses in blue polka dots on white, and the sky blue Vera-like print with mustard flowers. The faux-suede ribbon that edges the dress' bodices add sparkle.


860 South Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Tel: 213-614-8994
email: kdrascal@yahoo.com



DESIGNER: Esther Garrido

Sizes: Infant-16. Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer

This well-known collection of better Spanish labels from importer Kids Eurofashion included Esther Garrido's elegant new Pitty Pattis line.

Outstanding Piece: For those who remember the sixties, tie-dyed garments will always have a bit of hippie nostalgia. Garrido gives the effect a contemporary spin with a simple silhouette, modern ribbon appliquéd detail and back interest.


56 Flora Street
Milford, CT 06460
Tel: 203-874-5766
email: info@kidseurofashion.com




Sizes: 12 months-16. Wholesale prices: $9-$28.

Min Zheng is the master of restraint. A single lovely color, one outstanding detail, who needs more?

Outstanding Piece: The fine sheen of the mauve cotton Zheng employed for her sundress and its white trim made even the more understated pieces in the show look overwrought.


817 West End Avenue, #2C
New York, NY 10025
Tel: 212-222-3834
E-mail: min@minzheng.com



DESIGNER: Kathie Sever

Sizes: 6 months-6. Wholesale prices: $22-$39.

Kathie Sever's cowgirl looks blend pretty prints in right-off-the-ranch styles.

Outstanding Piece: The cowboy shirt with snap closings. The styling is borrowed from Little Joe, but the delicate floral stripe and calico collar and cuffs are all girl.


P.O. Box 33303
Austin, TX 78764
Tel: 512-619-0371
Email: kathie@ramonsterwear.com



DESIGNER: Linde Schlumbohm

Sizes: Infant-6. Wholesale prices: $7.50-$24.50.

Schlumbohm is a master at sourcing the cutest prints and embellishments. This collection was no exception.

Outstanding Piece: Schlumbohm's halter dress with the whimsical cowgirl and cowboy print edged in brown suede fringe will fly out of the store. The pattern is irresistible.


Julien Design Studio, Inc.
3257 West 23rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80211
Tel: 303-477-0561
E-mail: linde@studiobini.com



DESIGNER: Linda Brady

Sizes: infant-16. Wholesale prices: $16-$32.

Brady has added a sweetly colored group with pretty, Liberty-like patterns to her print driven collection. Brady's collection contained some of the prettiest, body conscience t-shirts and interesting skirts at the show.

Outstanding Pieces: The pink, sky blue and apple group with the happy, Liberty-inspired prints. The mini with kick pleats is a little sweet and a bit sexy. Just right for tweens.


267 Wyckoff Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel: 718-797-2677
E-mail: tikillc@msn.com



DESIGNER: Uli Belenky

Sizes: 12 months-4. Wholesale prices: $8.50-$32.

Belenky has added wovens to her ever-expanding collections of cotton knits. As you'd expect, the colors are perfection.

Outstanding Pieces: From the Collectibles collection comes this bubble shaped, plaid overall in creamy sherbet tones. Why not work a pattern-on-pattern look with the overall atop a playful t-shirt? That's what Zutano is all about.


1785 Coits Pond Road
Cabot, VT 05647
Tel: 800-287-5139
E-mail: zutano@zutano.com




DESIGNERS: Susan Ingram and Heidi Black

Sizes: Infant-14. Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer.

Mention this venerable collection to buyers and they sigh, "Their designs are so beautiful."

Outstanding Piece: This dress is made for dancing, and that's just what she'll do when a tween wears the sleeveless white dress with hand-drawn red flowers. The ruffled kick-pleats make a spin on the dance floor a given.


4949 Beeman Avenue
Dallas, TX 75223
Tel: 214-828-1660
Email: helenaco@helenaco.com


DESIGNER: Marta Negron
Sizes: 4-14. Wholesale prices: $46-$68.
Marta Negron defines her styling as "classic and chic clothing for girls." Well put.
Outstanding Piece: The lilac and white, silky jacquard dress with the square bow. It's simple - just the bow and one pleat down the front - and that's enough. Negron's tailoring, and the dress' subtle sheen, made it the most elegant piece at the show.
P.O. Box 1827
Moca, P.R. 00676
Phone (787) 997-4572
Fax (787) 882-2000
Email: sellreinamora@hotmail.com




DESIGNER: Michelle Uzbay

Sizes: 3-24 months. Wholesale prices: $12-$42.

If you're looking for traditional knitwear for infants, Grandma Nes is the line.

Outstanding Pieces: The off-white, crocheted trimmed A-line with the little bloomers (shown on Grandma Nes' crochet-trimmed, rose bud-strewn knit blanket). You can't get sweeter than that.


39 Caumsett Woods Lane
Woodbury, NY 11797
Tel: 516-921-7778
Fax: 516-921-6151
Email: lokum2@aol.com



DESIGNER: Maribel Beas

Sizes: Preemie-7. Wholesale prices: $22-$26.

Gorgeous knits in fashion forward colors and styling define the Renattoni look. This season Beas threw in a touch of vintage charm.

Outstanding Piece: The pale pink crocheted bikini. Both pieces are no larger than an envelope. Precious.


8117 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Tel: 215-915-7893/866-6RENATTO
Email: sales@renattoni.com



DESIGNER: Margaret Crary

Sizes: NB-8 Wholesale prices: $9.50-$50

I'm a huge fan of Margaret Crary's Skelagamink collection. No one can put two colors together with as much impact as Crary or find the one motif that sums up the "it" trend of the minute. Big crochet circles that are either huge roses or whirlpools highlight many of her girls' knits.

Outstanding Pieces: You want to dress boys in clothing with sports motifs, okay, but opt out of blue and footballs. Crary's sweater with the team number and fun striped sleeves, and the beige pants with navy "baseball" stitching, is the sophisticated alternative.


1417 North Wicker Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Tel: 773-645-5052
E-mail: margaretbcrary@yahoo.com




DESIGNER: Joan Alexander

Sizes: Infant-20. Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer.

Buyers depend on Cruz Kids swimwear for great fit and must-have prints.

Outstanding Piece: The Pucci-print bikini with black string ties packs plenty of drama. The fruity colors of the bikini's print are set off by the black ties - two tiny pieces equal a big "wow" factor.


2028 Pearl St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 310-399-2603/800-727-4147
E-mail: cruzkidsinc@aol.com




DESIGNER: Alyssa Tierney

Sizes: Ages 2-11. Wholesale prices: $1-$24.

Woven ribbons in bright stripes are the trademark of Alyssa Tierney's namesake collection. This season she's added watches and thong sandals to her line.

Outstanding Pieces: Her two-ring, ribbon belts dress up khakis, denim skirts and shorts, cinch the waist of a cotton dress and add oomph to any look.


43 Harter House
Morristown, NJ 07960
Tel: 917-861-6150
Email: info@atierney.com




DESIGNERS: Shelley Foster and John Spolyar

Sizes: NB-6. Wholesale prices: $7.50-$12.50.

Their taste is questionable, but for a mom with a sense of humor, a BabyGags t-shirt is the ultimate gift.

Outstanding Piece: The "Booblicious," tee with glittery pink writing. Tell me your college roommate wouldn't love it!


226 Ritch #103
San Francisco, CA 94123
Tel: 415-615-0397
E-mail: info@babygags.com




DESIGNER: Zutano designed for Banian

Wholesale prices: Quilts $30-$95; 5-pieces crib sets $200-$225.

How many bedding companies exhibit their designs in museums? Here's one. Banian's Goodnight Farm crib quilt was commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Outstanding Pieces: Love Zutano! Uli Belenky designed two crib sets exclusively for Banian. Their collaboration has all the charm of Zutano's clothing line. The rows of chubby elephants on the boys' crib set and the carefully rendered animals on the quilt, make this bedding ensemble a must-have for the nursery.


3 Highland Avenue
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Tel: 516-484-2970
E-mail: banian@optonline.net



Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. Tina also teaches a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.