in the showrooms with tina barry
Fall 2001: I'm Not That Innocent

Remember your Huc-a-poo shirt circa 1976? Tight bell-bottoms? Rhinestone belts?

The look is back. For fall 2001 everything old is new again. The New York childrenswear showrooms are bursting with glamorous, Rock & Roll inspired clothing. Clothing that fits the body snugly; faux fur and leather make an impact. Prints are everywhere. Britney Spears and Madonna continue their rein as fashion icons.

"Prints are the hottest trend for fall 2001" said Fashion Editor Yvonne Georgi of Earnshaw's Magazine. Janis Millstein (photo at left) of Janis Millstein Sales concurs. Her showroom rocked with lots of simple dresses in '60s and '70s inspired prints. At the Rhonda Weiner International showroom, Jeff Weiner wowed me with the great Quincy line (see photos top right) out of Belgium. There's nothing understated about Quincy! Sequined lion heads on sweaters, plaid bootleg pants, butter-soft leather car coats--in Quincy, toddlers look like miniature rock royalty.


 All of the above from Quincy.


Shapes are body conscience--why wear a navel ring if nobody sees it?

Look for snug fitting shapes in girls' T-shirts and pants. Jumpers are A-lined with either simple embroidery or playful appliqués. Dresses are often wrapped, heavily patterned with retro florals or geometrics, and detailed with lingerie like lace touches for juniors. Jackets for girls are short and boxy and often trimmed with faux fur collars. Sweaters are long and wrapped with a tie belt, or cropped short. For boys the Hip-Hop influence is waning. Big pockets, topstitching and drawstrings continue but the shape is leaner then in past seasons. Lots of big T's with wide stripes in rich neutrals.

Above, first two photos, left to right, from Halabaloo, next two from Peaches 'n Cream as seen in the Janis Millstein Showroom.


Diamonds are a girls best friend--rhinestones and glitter can't hurt either

Layered patterns --florals over florals, geometrics mixed with plaids create a rich Rock & Roll look--think of Kate Hudson in "Almost Famous." Glittery motifs on T-shirts and rhinestone designs, cartoon figures and computer-generated images remain a constant. Psychedelic florals are colored in monochromatic combinations. "Camouflage prints will be over by the end of 2001" according to Jeff Weiner. I still like them in ironic, can't-be-missed combinations of bright reds and fuchsias. Densely packed, small-scale geometrics look new, as do graffiti prints and horse motifs a la Stella McCartney for Chloe.

 Left to right, from Kaboo and e.fluff.


Opposites attract, but not this season

Layette stays sweet with combinations of pink, sky blue and lavender. Beiges and creams make an elegant statement. For toddler and up autumnal mixes of deep red, pumpkin and eggplant are a sophisticated sequel to the bright pinks and oranges of last Spring. Lots of reds in shades of cherry, brick and burgundy worn together or mixed with fuchsia. Great purpley-toned blues with blackened navy, cerulean blue paired with brown, and turquoise in a myriad of weights and casts. Greens are important in shades of apple, avocado and leaf.

Above, first two photos from Billie H., next photo from Kaboo.


And, it's not just me

Leather, pleather or "Leatherette" in the Janis Millstein Sales Office. Washable suede and heavy weight skins for boys' jackets, and all sorts of animal textures. Denim was everywhere. Painted silver or woven with glittery silver threads, frayed and distressed, it still looks fresh. Popcorn knits, boucle and great nubby yarns in sweater or sweater and skirt sets. Very soft, pastel colored thin-wale corduroy, shiny rubberized cotton for outerwear and jumpers and faux fur--the shaggier the better.

 Above, first photo from Quincy, next two from e.fluff and last three photos from Kaboo.


Less is less

According to Janis lots of "tchotchkes and gimmicks" are being merchandised with everything. Hats, scarves, and mittens can be found in brightly colored striped knits, and for Holiday fluffy muffs will keep little hands warm. Shaggy faux fur hats are back in style--remember Dr. Zhivago? Wide belts with rhinestones and gold glitter have 80's appeal.

Janis Millstein Sales. 112 West 34th St., Suite 711. New York, NY 10120 Phone: 212-239-4660, Fax: 212-643-0481 or email: Open Monday - Friday 9-5.

e.fluff, 310-275-7241. Approximate retail prices $10-$44. Sold in better specialty stores everywhere.

Kaboo, 877-686-4848. Approximate retail prices, separates, $15-$44; outerwear, $28-$70. Sold in better stores everywhere.

Rhonda Weiner International. 131 West 33rd St. Suite 210. New York, NY 10001. Phone: 212-279-5665, Fax: 212-279-2221 or email: Open Monday - Friday 9-5.

Billie H. Approximate retail prices, $48-$64. Sold through Lester's, NY; Cozy Cradle, NY; Barney's, NYC; Wish List, CT; and other fine stores.

Halabaloo. Approximate retail prices $120-$140. Sold through Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC; Barney's, NYC; ABC Carpet & Home, NYC; Pippen Lane, Louisiana and other fine stores.

Quincy. Approximate retail prices $60-$600 (for the leather coat). Sold through Fred Segal, CA; ABC Carpet & Home, NYC; Dandy's; NY, Bambino's, FL; LMNOP, Chicago.

















Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. In the Fall of 200l Tina will begin teaching a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.