Right Now: Spring 2005 Trends

What a pretty season! Sportswear manufacturers rummaged through their lingerie drawers for inspiration and turned all that silk and lace into boudoir worthy daytime separates. Little lady tweed suits look hip with short pleated minis. The fifties live in luscious floral sundresses with exaggerated A-line skirts.

And it's a boys' world again with manufacturers offering of-the-minute suiting, sportswear, great shirts in prints as hip as their sisters' tops, and underwear just like Dads.



In Is Out. Lingerie looks such as silky camisoles, half-slips and nightgowns feminize sportswear. Loungewear and underwear are lined so they, too, can do double duty. The most exciting looks are trimmed with contrasting - not matching lace.

Skirting the Issue. Minis with flippy pleats, drawstrings or multi-tiers are the "It" item of the season.

Over It. Jackets top sportswear and add a casual note to dresses.

One Leg At a Time. Boys are still into cargo pants; girls favor gathered disco looks.

T anyone? From infants to tweens, T-shirts embellished with sports figures, vintage looking graphics, slogans, and tie-dyes are a staple in gift and sportswear collections.

Ships Ahoy. With seersucker all the rage, designers head to the ocean with sailor pants, navy and white striped T-shirts and nautical dresses.

That 70s Show. Knit ponchos and mod prints or plaids reference the "Me" generation.

Stringing Along. Drawstrings gather minis and pants close to the body.

Fit to Print. Stripes with plaids, tiny flowers with huge blooms, rock 'n roll graphics with vintage florals - designers mix it up for one-of-a-kind dressing.

Unfinished Business. Dresses and skirts go hemless, T-shirt collars, sleeve cuffs and pants are left with a soft, unfinished edge.

Getting Edgy. Serged edges, usually hidden inside clothing, boldly detail the outer seams on T-shirts, knits and athletic wear.


Drop It! Waistlines take a plunge settling on the hips for a charming reference to the roaring twenties. Even some T-shirts sit lower, sometimes with a perky bow at the side.

Full 'n Fabulous. A gentle blouson shape, spotted on T-shirts and topping dresses, are a relief after so many seasons of belly baring tops.

Spice Road. The Indian tunic, as a top over jeans or bathing suits, is the newest silhouette for spring.

Let The Sun Shine In. Barbie would love the floral sundresses with snug, belted waists and full skirts.

Trail Blazer. Shortened, high-waisted fitted blazers, some with large buttons, dress up sportswear and add a casual note to dresses. Boxier cuts in tweed paired with pleated minis for a playful take on suit dressing.


Green Thumb. Jade cooled down bright orchids or mixed with sky blue. Olives, khakis and lime tarted up with a dollop of mustard lend an upscale note.

In the Pink. Yes. Still. Pink is hot. Melon tones and peaches in some collections; Orchidy pinks in others.

The Sky's the Limit. Sky blue in combination with brown, orange, khaki or mustard enlivens boys' sportswear.

Red and Saucy. Tomato red mixes with pink for girls' wear, and a slice atop boys' neutrals adds flavor.

Take a Powder. All the lingerie styles look natural in softened cosmetic tones such as dusty peach, pale pink, pinky beige and eggshell.


Like Butta. Layers of soft mesh in fruity colors or pastels made hip partners to all the great skirts.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. This season's ultra feminine dresses need floaty, luxurious textiles. Chiffon - in soft man-made fabrications or pure silk - will do.

Get Under It. Silky acetates or pure silk are the natural choice for lingerie looks.

Luxe Be A Lady. Lady like jackets and skirts call for lady like fabrics. Wool tweed, some woven with ribbons, answers the need.

No Sweat. Light, soft terrycloth in rich jewel tones or traditional red, white and blue lets athletic hoodies, pants and minis into the classroom.

Hey (seer)Sucker. Striped seersucker lent skirts, boys' suiting and unisex sailor pants a Gatsby like flair.

It's a Washout. Linen, washed and as soft as a handkerchief, become the canvas for mod or vintage prints, or as an elegant solid in sportswear.


-60s inspired pop art prints

-Asian looking flowers

-Stripes in hot colors


-Provençal paisleys

-Polka dots

-Retro scenics for skirts

-Ticking stripe denim

-Liberty like tiny floral prints

-White pique cotton with a border of roses and a field of rosebuds

-Tone-on-tone Indian embroidery on tunics; The prettiest have tiny glittering beads


The Olympians. As an ode to Greece, some designers used tunics as cover-ups. Swimsuits, with draped tops and one-shoulder cuts sported the identifiable key-border motif.

Peek-A-Boo. Sheer mesh sarongs and tie-tops let bikinis mallots peek through.

Swim Fan. Serious swimmers can turn to Y-back one-pieces and belted bikini bottoms if they're really in the pool for exercise.

I'm Jane. Animal prints, mod sixties florals and Provençal paisleys are the patterns of choice.


Would Carrie Wear It? Sex and the City style cloth flowers bloomed on jacket lapels, hats, T-shirts and lent a note of nostalgia to the waists of sundresses.

Take a Bow. Silk ribbons lace up the front of camisoles and dresses, make pretty running stitches along the necklines of blouses and sweaters, and replace belts on jeans and slacks.

Gorgeous Gams. What will girls wear beneath all those minis? Opaque tights in bright solids, wild stripes, flowers and fishnets.


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