August 2004 ENK Children's Club Show: Immediate/Spring 2005

There are a number of reasons why the collections in the August ENK show were so romantic - we're at war; the economy has yet to kick in; in early August our city was a couple of weeks away from a Republican influx. Yes, we want a kinder world, and fashion reflects that mood. Who would have imagined in our pre-Convention days, that chiffon would be the "It" fabric and a floppy flower, a la "Sex and the City," the hot accessory of the season?




DESIGNER: Angela Britzman

Sizes: 2-16; Wholesale prices: $14-$49

Britzman revisits the sixties and gives the era a sexy spin with crocheted pieces, halters, minis in grandma's afghan stripes and funky ponchos.

Outstanding Pieces: This lime and pink halter and skirt is sexy not trashy. Mother would approve.

40 Great Jones Street, 4th floor

NY, NY 10012

Tel: 212-473-9019

Email: abritzman@buddhabearkids.com




DESIGNER: Paula Sikking

Sizes: 6 months-6; Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer

Sweet vintage textiles and edgy rock 'n roll graphics make this the collection for the kid with attitude.

Outstanding Pieces: The tee worn over the multi-patterned trumpet skirt. Perfect dressing for the budding iconoclast.

Natalie & Friends

131 West 33rd Street, Suite 210

NY, NY 10001

Tel: 212-947-2995

Email: natnfrnds@aol.com



DESIGNER: Margaret Flynn

Sizes: 2-14; Wholesale prices: $11-$24

Danica & Dylan's crisp, well-coordinated sportswear gives buyers an option other than romantic lingerie looks and pin-on flowers.

Outstanding Pieces: Their loopy print in shades of leaf, pumpkin and cherry and all the clean lined garments that go with it.

247 Grand Street

NY, NY 10003

Tel: 212-219-0679

E-mail: customerservice@danicaanddylan.com




DESIGNERS: Aimee Pesce and Alisa Neely

Sizes: Toddler-6X; Wholesale prices: Contact manufacturer

The designing duo strikes again. Romantic, full-skirted sundresses and skirts, and the pairs' signature Tee-shirts, make buyers work that much easier.

Outstanding Pieces: The tank with a cool cocktail and its recipe over the sky blue ballerina style skirt (shown backwards). Very refreshing.

P.O. Box 230509

Boston, MA 02123

Tel: 617-262-8167

E-mail: info@duesorelleonline.com




DESIGNER: Jean Bourget design team

Sizes: NB-16; Wholesale prices: $12-$45

Earth tones can be a yawn for a kid who wants a little style without back-to-the-land associations. Jean Bourget understands.

Outstanding Pieces: Hit neutrals with a shot of vibrant color and you get Jean Bourget's green market plate of delectable sportswear.

Group Zannier

131 West 33rd Street, Suite 1006

NY, NY 10001

Tel: 212-279-7672

E-mail: celine@gzannier.com



DESIGNER: Floriane design group

How to describe the Floriane collection of ethereal sportswear and dresses? Angels' wings, white kittens playing with a pink ball of string and petit fours in a Paris bakery.

Outstanding Pieces: Under the pale pink layers of this frothy creation rest pink sequined butterflies with wings that flutter gently as the skirt moves. Worn with the sequined halter, the look is storybook lovely.

Group Zannier, see address above



DESIGNER: Jennifer Marcellus

Sizes: 2-12; Wholesale prices: $8-$27

Anyone with gumption can source great prints. It takes talent though, to turn pattern into stylish sportswear.

Outstanding Pieces: Marcellus' "Frenchie" collection employs an every-which-way bright stripe to update a peasant blouse. With the stripes, Marcellus adds white, flat front pants trimmed with a glamorous appliqué. Paris (as in Hilton) would approve.

4174 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite 1

San Diego, CA 92121

Tel: 858-824-1700

E-mail: jen@jenjenkids.com




DESIGNER: Helen Namking

Sizes: 6 months-14; Wholesale prices: $15-$30

Pretty print sundresses with just a touch of detail are Namking's trademark.

Outstanding Piece: The sundress' lovely pink and sage print, ribbon trim and oversized pockets are as feminine as a tube of pink lipstick.

860 South Los Angeles Street, Suite 930

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Tel: 213-614-8994

Email: kdrascal@yahoo.com




DESIGNER: Shannon Svensrud

Sizes: Girls: 2-14; Boys: 2-7; Wholesale prices: $12-$32

Svensrud added more resort looks to her playful line of irreverent sportswear - the result is humorous pieces kids will wear.

Outstanding Pieces: What's an orthodontist's worst nightmare? The boy's camp shirt covered with bucktoothed sharks and its coordinating Tee shirt. There are not enough braces in the world.

599 Third Street, Suite 301

San Francisco, CA 94107

Tel: 415-543-1714

E-mail: info@kidswearthis.com




DESIGNER: Nikki Kule

Size: 12 months-8, Wholesale prices: $22-$65

If a parent shops for their child in Greenwich Village and the kid attends school in Greenwich, Connecticut, they'd wear Kule.

Outstanding Pieces: Nikki Kule took the season's freshest color, jade, mixed it with orchid and plenty of seersucker, and came up with an untraditional martini of style - with a twist, of course.

645 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor

NY, NY 10022

Tel: 212-813-9182

E-mail: nikkikule@yahoo.com



DESIGNER: Celeste Bayer

Sizes: NB-4; Wholesale prices: $9-$31

Laurenceleste's delicate earth tones in easy shapes attract better boutique buyers.

Outstanding Pieces: The light lime halter-top and three-tiered woodland print skirt in shades of olive and cream. The look is a little funkier than previous seasons, but just as sweet.

1800 West Larchmont

Chicago, IL 60613

Tel: 773-281-1960

E-mail: laurenceleste@earthlink.net




DESIGNER: Emily Wang

Sizes: NB-4; Wholesale prices: $15-$23

Emily Wang's kimonos and wrap Tee-shirts in Asian inspired prints just got better.

Outstanding Piece: The Kimono One-piece. Same great style as her standard kimono, but the sleeves are shorter for warm weather and the bottom snaps over a diaper, which means no more worrying about what goes on the bottom (until fall, anyway).

799 Broadway

NY, NY 10003

Tel: 212-353-2850

E-mail: luckywang@earthlink.net




DESIGNER: Yuji Ogata

Sizes: 3 months-6; Wholesale prices: $15-$78

Makie's concept is design pared down to the bare bones. Nothing's changed.

Outstanding Piece: An unlined, simply constructed, ticking stripe denim jacket. Frayed edges loosen the look.

109 Thompson Street

NY, NY 10012

Tel: 212-625-3930

E-mail: makie109thompson@aol.com



DESIGNER: Letty De Paz

Sizes: apparel: 6 months-6; shoes: NB-2; Wholesale prices: apparel: $8-$15.50; shoes: Contact manufacturer

Outstanding Pieces: Boys and girls will eat up De Paz's Gelato sportswear collection in delicious fruity flavors with the softest leather and suede sandals coordinate. You can clap now.

22052 De La Guerra Street

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Tel: 818-710-6582

E-mail: info@pazitosinc.com




DESIGNER: Judy Pokonosky

Sizes: 12 months-6; Wholesale prices: $17-$33

Judy Pokonosky is the queen bee of mix-it-up dressing. This season she combines rock 'n roll graphics and sequined embellishments with classic seersucker.

Outstanding Pieces: The green and white bias striped top with the orange butterfly and side-tie detail worn over the orange and white seersucker sailor pants. The go for broke ensemble wins first prize for the coolest sportswear at the show.

860 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Tel: 888-861-8700



DESIGNER: Emily Meyer

Sizes: 6 months-6; Wholesale prices: $15-$28

They started with sweaters and let them steep awhile. Once they were cool Meyer stirred in knit jersey and now sportswear.

Outstanding Pieces: The colors in this transitional group are classic with teal and red giving the group a jolt. The fish graphic and funky carpenter pants make ideal unisex gift giving.

One Arkansas Street, Suite B

San Francisco, CA 94107

Tel: 415-621-9400

E-mail: info@teacollection.com




DESIGNER: Tina Neumann

Sizes: 2-16; Wholesale prices: $20-$40

Tina Neumann creates collections that reflect her uniquely personal vision.

Outstanding Pieces: This dress works on so many levels: the fabric is sheer, the floral print is feminine without being too sweet and shots of black along the drop waist and handkerchief hem add graphic appeal.

Natalie & Friends

131 West 33rd Street, Suite 210

NY, NY 10001

Tel: 212-947-2995

E-mail: natnfrnds@aol.com




DESIGNERS: Holly and Keith Kauffman

Sizes: 6-20; Wholesale prices: $20-$30

The Kauffman's collections get smarter and more sophisticated each season. I'll give them an A.

Outstanding Pieces: This group of sky, green and khaki coordinates cover any occasion when a boy needs to be well dressed.

2020 West 166th Street

Torrance, CA 90504

Tel: 310-323-5888

E-mail: kk@kkauff-men.com





DESIGNERS: Daniela Oh and Karen Aviles

Sizes: 4-16; Wholesale prices: $15-$50

Amelie is known for special occasion wear with couture appeal.

Oh and Aviles' silk halter dress with its loosely drawn paisley print and handkerchief hem stood out like a diamond among turquoise.

Fanci Fanci

525 East 12th Street, Suite 105/301

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel: 213-745-6848

E-mail: oyohan@yahoo.com




DESIGNER: Mariella Burani

Sizes: 2-20; Wholesale prices: Contact manufacturer

Everything about this manufacturer's swimwear and sportswear collections are of-the-minute chic, yet classic.

Outstanding Pieces: A café on the Left Bank of Paris; this slightly blousoned ecru chiffon top and three-tiered skirt. You can take it from here.

Sammy B

34 West 33rd Street, Suite 316

NY, NY 10001

Tel: 212-629-0066

E-mail: storman934@msn.com



DESIGNERS: Theresa Helms and Malley Gaulding

Sizes: 12 months-16; Wholesale prices: $20-$45 for a two-piece set

Buyers look to Helms and Gaulding for dresses, skirts and tops in pretty prints and fresh colors. They're in for a sweet treat this spring.

Outstanding Piece: The delicate white chiffon dress embroidered with ripe red cherries is delicious.

2805 National Drive

Garland, TX 75041

Tel: 972-840-6433

E-mail: malley@malleyandco.com





DESIGNER: Zalia Ribau

Sizes: 3 months-16; Wholesale prices: $24-$70

Formal wear minus the frou-frou for girls of all style persuasions.

Outstanding Pieces: Put a girl in Ribau's three-piece dress, coat and purse set and the others will look like their wearing Filene's Basement markdowns.

1448 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario M6J1Y6 Canada

Tel: 416-588-6779

Email: info@moka4kids.com




DESIGNER: Cherie Martin

Sizes: newborn-10; Wholesale prices: $8.75-$39.75

Classic with a twist is what Peaches 'n Cream does best.

Outstanding Pieces: This classic striped seersucker ensemble with its pink and apple combination is as refreshing as a scoop of peppermint stick ice cream.

Janis Millstein Sales

112 West 34th Street

NY, NY 10120

Tel: 212-239-4660

E-mail: janisales@aol.com




DESIGNER: Monique Rodriquez

Sizes: 12 months-10; Wholesale prices: contact manufacturer

Pervanche is all about casual, elegant playwear at great price points.

Outstanding Piece: The rich chocolate linen halter dress with a touch of floral embroidery. This modern piece works as well over a bikini as it does for a date with mom.

See Janis Millstein Sales above




DESIGNER: Treesa Robinson

Sizes: infant-14; Wholesale prices: $14-$20

Forgot classic Mary Janes. Shop this line when only a shoe with baubles, bangles and beads will do.

Outstanding Pieces: The silk Mary Jane embroidered with flowers adds oomph to jeans and a Tee-shirt, or the finishing touch to a dress. The same shoes in velvet make the perfect transitional foot ware for summer into fall.

812 North Vista Street

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Tel: 323-658-1001

E-mail: dollofchina@aol.com





DESIGNER: Harald Husum

Sizes: NB-toddler; Wholesale prices: Contact manufacturer

If you haven't seen Husum's funky Tee's in style magazines and on the hippest babies nationwide then it's time to get out in the world.

Outstanding Pieces: The tee embellished with a star, or Che Guevara, or the male and female symbols or, well, they're all great.

38 Wyckoff Street, Suite 1L

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tel: 718-208-5221

E-mail: info@appaman.com





DESIGNER: Carina Goldfarb

Sizes: 6 months-14; Wholesale prices: $10-$31

Every girl should have at least two swimsuits - one printed with paisley or flowers to satisfy her sweet side, the other for her devilish alter ego in richer colored wilder prints. (It's all in Psychology 101 under Freud.)

Outstanding Piece: The "Popsy" print, a stylized sea and shell pattern, is colored in pale pink, cocoa and khaki and edged in a vibrant red. The trim and sleek styling, with its keyhole detail, add up to one elegant swimsuit.

Vivai Trading Company

12549 Indianapolis Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Tel: 310-398-9042



DESIGNER: Boboli design team

Sizes: one month-three years; Wholesale prices: $19-$29

Bright beach wear, some covered with floral appliqués. Why shouldn't a kid have fun?

Outstanding Piece: There should be a tag hanging from this tan-affirming, fuchsia mallot with the warning, "Purchasing this suit after taking Prozac is redundant."

Sammy B

34 West 33rd Street, Suite 316

NY, NY 10001

Tel: 212-629-0066

E-mail: storman934@msn.com




DESIGNER: Andrea Chafetz

Sizes: infant-14 Wholesale prices: $3-$13.75

Chafetz' collection of fresh, delicately embellished hair accessories always has the right (or in this case, left) stuff.

Outstanding Piece: Emma Claire, Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful, John Edward's daughter, wore Chafetz' pink flowered headband and matching gloves when her father gave his acceptance speech. I'd call that an endorsement.

5105 Chevy Chase Parkway NW, Suite 300

Washington, D.C. 20008

Tel: 202-966-7004

E-mail: info@andreasbeau.com




DESIGNER: Faigie Brecher

Sizes: infant-12; Wholesale prices: $3.50-$18

Wallflower? I don't think so. Brecher's sparkling hairbands, ponytail holders and barrettes are for the extroverts in our lives.

Outstanding Piece: This crocheted hat with the flower. Is it flattering? See for yourself.

2 Laurel Avenue

Clifton, NJ 07012

Tel: 973-472-9473

E-mail: aaron@wfdesigns.com





DESIGNER: Jennie Lynn Johanson

Wholesale prices: $53 and $58

Jennie Lynn Johanson's Bumble Bags come in fun prints or sexy black with a corset-like lace up the front. Inside there's detachable, water-resistant changing pad. Tall mom? Short mom? Doesn't matter. Johanson's bags have adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

Outstanding Piece: The bag's pale blue and beige pattern is soothing to summer fatigued eyes. When the bag gets dirty, throw it in the washer.

16015 Old Valley Boulevard

City of Industry, CA 91744

Tel: 626-934-8600

E-mail: jennielynn@bumblebags.com




DESIGNERS: Catherine and Steve Granville

Wholesale prices: Contact manufacturer

Steve Granville may be the grooviest guy in town. His bachelor pad of a booth, with its lime green shag and Day-Glo print panels, makes the perfect backdrop for his "it's a diaper bag, but I'm-not-that-kind-of-mom" carryalls.

Outstanding Piece: This blue and green number. Year one-baby stuff; year two through five-mom's bikini and sunscreen.

24A Tiburon Street

San Rafael, CA 94901

Tel: 415-482-8510

E-mail: info@fleurville.com



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