on the inside with tina barry
Spring/Summer 2002: An Excess of Riches

Poor, buyers.

The indignities they suffer. The August heat in New York City, the crowds, riding on a golf cart to catch the mini bus. Traveling from one show to the other.

It could have been worse. They might have gone to the children's wear shows and seen merchandise they wouldn't want in their stores. Or lots of little lines not ready for prime time. But, that wasn't the case this season. There was an excess of riches, and as Martha Stewart would say, "that's a good thing."


The best of Fall 2001 continues into Spring/Summer 2002. Fewer studs and less of a psychedelic look soften the edges of Glam-Rock, and prettier florals lighten the spirit of dresswear.

WRITE ON! Graffiti scrawled its way onto jackets, pants and T-shirts. Usually black writing on white, sometimes touched with red, this strong graphic statement was seen in both domestic and European lines.

STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER on sweaters, T-shirts and jeans. Usually in combinations of red, white and blue or red, white and black - a sophisticated trend for the little patriot.

TIE ONE ON! Tie-dyed and dip-dyed looks on denim and T-shirts, either jeweled or embellished with a hand-painted stripe, go from hippie to yuppie with a single brush stroke.

FLOWER POWER. Big pop-art looking flowers, going solo on T-shirts or A-lines, or as all-over prints on dresses or pants, gave a new spin to 60's inspired dressing. Red on white was the color look of choice for this style.

WHAT A SCENE! Toile prints, usually black on white, look newest on special occasion dresses where a ruffle here and there lightens the look.

DENIM REDUX. Hand-painted, torn, bleached, frayed, embroidered, rhinestoned and dip-dyed in blue or black, denim marches on. Lots of jacket and pant sets, simple A-line jumpers and low-rise, boot-cut pants.

Denim done right at Porky Pies, 213-612-5062.

INSTANT CLASSIC. Men's wear stripes for casual boys sportswear unbuttons the look and for girls, stripes look whimsical on A-lines, pants and polo dresses.

THE SHAPE WE'RE IN. Body hugging shapes for T-shirts and pants are still the look. Very baggy, hip-hop style pants are finally over. Skirts either straight and mini or fuller and knee-length are strong. Asymmetrical or hankie hemlines for junior dressing continues.


What's black, white and red all over? Spring 2002 (with a little pink, peach and blue thrown in for good measure.)

IT'S BLACK AND WHITE. Black either faded or printed with white lettering gave denim a new kick. Graffiti prints in black and white are a given, the classic combo gives simple stripes and polka dots a contemporary twist.

JUST PEACHY. Bright reds continue in one-note floral prints, or as accents with black and white or blue and white. Bright oranges turn sugarcoated as rosy apricots, and the ever present pinks are quieter this season, either peach toned or with an orchidy cast. Pink, mixed with everything from red to apple green, looked especially elegant in very pale tones paired with a pinky cocoa.

Fresh peaches at Geo- Rags, 323-231-9036 or email georagsco@aol.com.

SEA SPLASH. Soft cerulean blue mixed with apple green and white looked serene. Europeans used cerulean mixed with mustard, olive and red for a fashion forward sportswear look.

Deux par Deux: A little mustard with your sportswear? 514-383-3408

CURRY IT UP! Here and there I found richly colored, more autumnal than spring, combinations like dark fuchsia mixed with saffron or saffron teamed with cocoa and olive. A little spice goes a long way.


We walked the New IKFS at the Javits Center, and the Children's Club show at the Piers, and in both shows there was a lot to love.


A fashion show, highlighting the best creations of the exhibitors, was just one of the improvements Joan Landis, Group Director of Kids Shows at MAGIC International, put into action.

Tiny tot models and big kids too, preened and sashayed down the runway to cheers from retailers and designers. It was lots of fun and an exciting new beginning for the IKFS.

Listed below are just a few of the terrific lines that exhibited in the show:

Mark Ingman of Stamp debuted his new fotograph line. His dresses in fun animal and sea inspired designs, and funky embellished T-shirts looked just right in bright sherbet tones. A glittery, graffiti print pant and T-shirt ensemble incorporates the best of the season's trends. Stamp 323-265-9955, kids@stampclothing.com.

Tosha Hays, a former model whose image could still grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine, has opened a line of christening wear so simple and elegant, it stopped us in our tracks. Each piece, in either silk or cotton, is fully lined and comes with a matching bonnet. The very simple shapes, embellished with only large, open smocking or tiny tucks, are works of art. Good luck Tosha! Call 704-347-0007 or email toshahays@mail.com.

We loved the elegant special occasion dresses from Lisa Cappalli. The classic shapes are embellished with crisscrossed ribbons on the bodice or simple bows. The workmanship is impeccable, and combinations like taupe and black are a welcome break from the traditional pastels or jewel tones. Call 787-724-6575.

Special occasion is done right at the C'est Chouette Couture collection. The dresses with silk shantung bodices over tulle skirts might not have wowed us if they hadn't been so beautifully colored in combinations of olive and dusty rose. Call 213-744-0707 or email cchouette@earthlink.net.

Want something special for your store windows? Trish Scully's knockout silk shantung halter dress, in spicy tones of dark fuchsia and saffron, with a beaded bodice and a full skirt, will sell out in minutes. Trish Scully for Treehouse Kidz, call 949-497-2969 or email scullydesigns@home.com.

Anna Kim, designer for the Sweetheart Jane line, put a totally hip spin on her children's to juniors collection. Lots of interesting fabric treatments and bright colorations propel this line into the stratosphere. Call 213-629-1127 or email sales@sweetheartjane.com.

If you missed Woodstock don't despair, Tracy Perez brings the 60's back with style. Her Porky Pies line of funky sportswear; shaggy haired coats and narrow turquoise and brown pieced, velvet pants, have rock star appeal. Call 213-612-5062 or email porkypies@msn.com.

No layette is complete without a delicate piece from Baby Beau & Belle. Their antique inspired baby slippers are charming. How about a pair in size 8 with a small heel? Call 253-851-6947.


Aisles and aisles of vendors with plenty of great lines to choose from. I stopped walking and let the crowd carry me from booth to booth.

So many designers so little space. Listed below are a few, but not all, of the lines we loved:

Easy to wear coordinates and an adorable A-line dress with a whimsical bird print caught my eye at the Gumboots booth. In Canada call 905-206-0002 ext. 23 or email markc@gumboots.com.

Toiles done right at Malley & Co. Known for their delightful dresses, the pink ribbon-edged, special occasion dresses with a discreetly ruffled back, are lighthearted charmers. Call 972-840-6433.

Beautifully colored, coordinated sportswear looks, and terrific, on-the-trend prints at la Mere Michele. The big red poppy print with matching T-shirt and hat couldn't be happier looking, and their cerulean blue, jersey knit pieces, are cool and easy on the eyes. In Canada call 450-581-0857 or info@lameremichele.com.

Say Pretty Please! and the best tie-dye and rhinestone T-shirt dressing will be yours for the asking. Great colors and funky embellishments, too. Custom orders are welcome. Call 561-865-4151.

Clean styling and European sensibility describes the elegant lines at G.Q. Children's Wear. The best flowered pants in the show award goes to Parrot, out of Italy. I'd wear the cocoa knit shell and apple green printed skirt from Molli of France, and the cerulean blue and apple green pants set from Le Parrotines of Italy would be perfect on the Riviera. Call 516-869-0487.

Juniors will be sweetly sexy wearing dresses from Division 10-18 by Tili Boom. Shiny, novelty fabrics, and asymmetrical or hankie hemlines make them special. Argentina (5411) 4854-2119 or email division10-18@fibertel.com.ar.

Totally hip in red, white, black and grey. From PJE, the fun graffiti T-shirts and well-cut red bell-bottoms are rock and roll friendly. The Schoenfelder Corporation, call 212-929-7200.

The pale pink and cocoa brown knitwear, and a tiny pale pink cotton pea coat, are quite simply, great designs. From bienvenue sur terre of France. 011 33 476 63 49 75 or email infos@ohlala.fr.

If everything old is old again, take a look at the Annie Girl line. Designer Linda Schlesinger, not satisfied with sewing hankies on everything, designs with an eye for color and a respect for the textiles she obviously loves. Great gift wear. Call 248-591-1601.

A social conscience and beautiful product makes Appalachian by Design a one-of-a-kind company. It employs impoverished women, who in return produce consistently luxurious knitwear. The red, white and blue funky Americana inspired sweaters looked more Clinton than Bush. Call 304-647-3455 ext. 11 or email info@abdinc.org.



















Tina Barry has been involved in many facets of the fashion world. She has traveled domestically and to Europe to research color and design trends. For many years she styled textiles for the apparel and home furnishing industries. After designing her own line of children's wear she now freelances as a children's wear buyer and private label designer. In the Fall of 200l Tina will begin teaching a marketing course at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.