The Tina Barry Interview

Experience Makes the Rep

“Be a business as well as a creative person,” is the wise advice Lynn Meyer offers to new designers.

She should know. Since 1990, Meyer, a former buyer for Bloomingdale's and the Lord & Taylor stores, has represented major lines such as Flap Happy Hats and Clothing and smaller, quirkier lines like Little E.D.A (suede baby booties).

“Experience makes the rep,” says Meyer who credits her retailing background, as well as her knack for buying and wholesaling, as the secret to her success.

With over 20 lines in her New York City showroom Meyer comments: “I look for a line that offers something unique and fresh to the children's wear market.” Walking the trade shows and referrals from other representatives and designers are Meyer's best tools for luring new talent. Her eye for fine collections, “priced fairly to reflect the quality of the merchandise,” brings discerning buyers from such notable stores as Lester's, buybuybaby, Marshall Field's and Nordstrom's to her showroom.

While on the look out for new lines - her most recent is Emma Morgan, a collection of knit infant wear - she adds, “Working with a manufacturer is like a marriage. We have to click.”

Who could resist an infant wearing a Nana Knits’ hat. Each hat resembles a flower, fruit or insect: one hat is pink and flecked with black “seeds” - a strawberry of course; and a black and yellow striped hat with “antennae” resembles a lazy bumble bee.

With collections that cover sportswear, accessories, head wear and outerwear, busy buyers can turn to Meyer's showroom for all their shopping needs.

For information contact Lynn at:
34 West 33rd St. #322
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212-947-5522/800-989-9499
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