Kid’s Dream Partners with Non-Profit Baby2Baby


November 6, 2018 – “We think it’s awesome that Moms are a huge part of the nonprofit sector and are really the driving force for so many give-back campaigns. It’s because of this long-standing supportive mom energy that social entrepreneurship is neatly weaved into most modern business models! Looking at the nonprofit sector, we can see that moms have really taught our society the ability to be more of a community and to contribute,” says Chewy Jang, founder/designer of Kid’s Dream.

Companies Partnering with Nonprofits

Companies are often able to make a bigger impact on particular issues facing our society. In fact, earlier this year a study was done that showed how companies who participate in philanthropy are shifting public opinion and having a greater impact on political influence. This means Moms are having a huge social impact with the time, dollars, and energy they spend on charitable efforts. What charitable efforts are important to us at Kid’s Dream and moms alike? Well, kids of course! That’s why we’re putting our energy behind kids in need. And, we’re offering up what we do best – dresses for the holidays! We want every princess to feel special this holiday season. Read more at Kid’s Dream.