Rent the Runway will start offering kids’ clothes


April 5, 2019 – Vox – When Rent the Runway launched in 2009, the idea was that women could benefit from renting black-tie clothes on a night-by-night basis instead of spending a lot of money on something they’d only wear a few times — or maybe even just once. The company has ballooned in the decade since, offering its members temporary access to everything from vacation outfits to jewelry. And now the company is going after a new corner of the market: children.

Starting April 15, Rent the Runway will begin renting out kids’ clothing in addition to its offerings for adults. The service, called Rent the Runway Kids, will be offered as an extension to its Unlimited and Update plans, which give members access to four items at a time. RTR Kids isn’t a standalone service — it’s an expansion of the company’s existing membership model. (Members will also now have the option to rent more than four items at a time for an additional fee, ranging from $25 to $39 per item depending on the membership plan.)

For now, the offerings on RTR Kids are limited. The collection is launching with 60 styles (for girls only) from 13 brands, including Chloé, Fendi, and Stella McCartney’s kids’ lines — not the kind of thing your child could wear every day. “I would say [these styles] are more in line with special occasions that you would have with your kids: everything from a holiday party to a birthday to a mommy-and-me look,” Jenn Hyman, Rent the Runway’s founder and CEO, told Vox.

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