The NPD Group Talks Growing Online; What Brands and Retailers Can Learn from DTC


May 1, 2019 – The NPD Group – A wave of digitally native DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) brands has entered the scene: from out-of-the-box mattresses, to affordable suitcases, to transparently made clothes, these DTC brands are in high-dollar growth mode. Plus, traditional brands have elevated their omnichannel game, innovating to create better products and experiences for the end consumer. Brands going direct-to-consumer have leveled the playing field and challenged retailers and manufacturers alike to engage and delight consumers with superior products. The ebb and flow of direct-to-consumer/retailer dynamics will no doubt continue.

What techniques will you use to stay competitive in this dynamic environment? In this paper we have segmented out a sample of 54 brands with the greatest 2018 online share—both digital natives and established DTC brands—and analyzed the tactics that have contributed to their growth. Whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer, read on for trends and advice from our experts on how to grow today. It’s all rooted in consumer purchase data from our Checkout consumer receipt panel.

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