Miles Baby Neighborhood Shop Spotlight: August Kinn in Toronto, ON


December 18, 2018 – Miles Baby – Friends Julie and Katie, the two moms behind the Toronto baby store August Kinn, talk about what it means to them to be a neighborhood shop and how proud they are to have become part of the fabric of the community they live and work in.

How would you describe being a neighborhood shop?

Our neighborhood is EVERYTHING to us. The importance of neighborhood shops in general can’t be overstated because they inject neighborhoods with their own unique characteristics and help to make smaller hoods a destination for people from other parts of the city. There’s nothing more fun than going to explore a new neighborhood in the city and popping into all the different cafes, restaurants and shops.

What can you tell us about the community in your neighborhood?

Our Danforth East (Toronto) neighborhood is really closely knit and very family oriented. When we were on maternity leave together (2 years ago) we were inspired to open a shop that not only carried the best baby apparel and nursery decor but could also be a gathering place for families with children and parents on maternity leave. We knew all too well how isolating maternity leave could be! So, we opened our boutique on the main floor and a studio space in the basement for hosting meet ups, playtime, music classes and workshops, all geared towards new parents.

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