Inside the Royal Archives: Royal Baby Edition


May 21, 2019 – Harper’s Bazaar – For our inaugural episode of Inside the Royal Archives, host Omid Scobie takes us behind the gates of Hampton Court Palace, the former home of Henry VIII, for a tour of standout archival baby pieces owned by the British royal family.

Scobie introduces us to Isabella Coraça, a London-based historian and curator who conserves the royal dress collection and organizes exhibitions at Kensington Palace with Historic Royal Palaces. Coraça shows off an array of vintage baby clothes and accessories worn by Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret, and even historical garments dating back to the 18th century.

Here’s what you’ll catch a glimpse of:

  1. A silk dress and matching bonnet worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1927.
  2. Matching Liberty dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.
  3. Stays worn by King George IV c. 1820.
  4. A royal tape measure dating to May of 1769.

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