Celebrity decluttering expert Marie Kondo on how to fold children’s clothing


November 9, 2019 – PBS News Hour – This week, celebrity decluttering expert Marie Kondo aimed her message of cleanliness and order at a more difficult crowd: children.

She released her first children’s book on Tuesday called, “Kiki and Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship.” Jax the owl is a “sorter,” while Kiki the squirrel is a “collector.” Kiki’s messy habits get in the way of their friendship, until a big Kondo-style purge makes everything better.

Kondo, who is a mother of two young daughters, has become something of a cult figure, known for her advice to only keep possessions that “spark joy.” She told NewsHour Weekend, she believes (not surprisingly) that it’s important to start teaching kids about keeping tidy at a very young age.

“Even small children have an attachment to toys or they have a sense of owning clothes, so the concept of tidying up such things or treating them with care is a skill that you can use for the rest of your life,” Kondo said.

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