The Subscription Industry Hones In On A New Audience: Kids


January 6, 2020 – Digital Marketing Industry News – The market for subscription boxes has moved far beyond just clothes, razors and easy-to-make meals. Today, it seems as though there is very little we can’t have delivered right to our doorsteps with a click of a button. But now, many marketers are diving into new territory, taking on a much younger demographic with subscription boxes made specifically for kids.

Of the five product categories currently driving the most growth in subscription boxes (lifestyle, food, beauty, pets and kids), the number of boxes for children has increased the most as of late. And it makes sense, as 90% of the younger demographic, specifically Gen Z shoppers, actively use subscription services — Millennials follow close behind at 70%.

The trick with subscription boxes for kids, however, is understanding the importance of targeting their parents just as much as the kids themselves. Whether a brand is targeting parents seeking affordable clothing options, moms and dads trying to be more environmentally conscious or families that want to allow their children to explore different toys to see which they like before purchasing, marketers are navigating the many ways in which they can attract kids and their parents.

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