The Future Looks Bright: Reinventing the California Market Center


December 31, 2019 – CMC – We’re excited to announce that Phase 1 of the 2-Phase California Market Center redevelopment project completes January 2020. CMC fashion showrooms have started moving into their newly renovated home in Building C, with many showing in their new spaces during January’s LA Market Week. CLICK HERE for an updated Directory of showrooms, offices & resources in Buildings A, B & C.

The CMC Brookfield Properties team is reinventing the 13-story complex, relaunching it in 2021 as a mixed-use creative campus featuring top-of-the-line fashion showrooms, creative offices, modern event spaces and a new portfolio of inspiring events. Our vision is to revitalize this iconic site, transforming CMC into a modern, multifaceted destination.

The new CMC will build on an incredible legacy of passion and collaboration as it welcomes the next century’s creative visionaries.

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