Publix rolled out its latest product and this time they are thinking of the youngest shoppers


March 4, 2020 – AJCPublix has a fresh, new product. However, it’s not of the food variety.

Instead, the grocer has stepped into the clothing sphere with a new line of wearable goods. An online store already allowed committed customers to purchase items like sweatshirts, slides and scrunchines.Then there are the #PubSub socks, which at $12.95 will cost you more than a sub itself.

But on Wednesday, Publix rolled out its latest addition to the Fresh Goods collection. This time they are thinking of the youngest shoppers.

The new threads are a way for Publix’s “mini fans to rock their love for the store — and Publix’s free cookies,” according to a statement from the grocery store chain.

New infant onesies in two colors (pink and green) with a “future free cookie collector” message written across it are available for $12.95.

Publix’s extensive online store features just about everything you could think of to show your brand loyalty. Sure, are the graphic T-shirts with messages like “Always a pleasant shopper” or “My Publix fried chicken shirt” for $9.95. But there’s also a “dreaming about BOGO” pillow for $29.95 and a pub sub fanny pack for $19.95.

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