Three Generations of Kids Wore the Same Dress For 67 Years

17 women in 7 different states have worn the same dress.


March 9, 2020 – Fatherly – Hand-me-downs don’t get the recognition they deserve. But one dress worn by a kindergarten student is getting some attention because it’s not just any second-hand dress. It’s a 67-year-old heirloom dress, and Caroline Hirt wore it to her first day of school back in 2017. The dress has a strong family connection and a compelling story and here’s what you should know.

Caroline’s mom, Jenny Hirt, wore the same dress on her first day of school, her older daughter, Ally, wore the same dress on her first day of kindergarten. And so did 17 other women in her family, for three generations, this handmade dress has been worn. It’s lived in seven different states during that time.

Jenny was the fifth person to wear the unique handmade yellow-and-purple dress; her daughter Caroline was the 18th to wear the dress. The dress was passed along to Caroline’s cousin, Sylvie, who was the 19th person to wear the dress, and chances are it’s seen a few more first days of school in the last few years as well.

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