Meet Local Fashionista Melissa Sinni, Owner of The Blue Béret in Wayne, Pa

The Main Line fashion expert offers a variety of different clothing, home décor and party decorations at her store in Wayne, Pa.

August 6, 2021 – Main Line Today – What if a group of fashionistas pooled their resources and opened a pop-up in downtown Wayne? With that idea, Melissa Sinni launched the Main Line Co-op as a three-week experiment. Two years later, the shop is still going strong. This spring, Sinni expanded The Blue Béret to include children’s clothes, casual-chic womenswear, home décor and party decorations.

HOW SHE GOT HER START: I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, then became a buyer for Linens ’n Things and later for Ross. When I had the first of my four children, I stopped working because it involved so much travel. We lived in Manhattan and visited friends in Wayne in December 2012. We fell in love with the town and moved here in January 2013.

STYLING YOUR KIDS: Dress them while they’ll let you. When they’re old enough—and start to express opinions—let them wear what they feel comfortable in. Encourage them to express their own style. It’s a form of creativity.

HER STYLE: I used to walk miles in the city in three-inch heels—and run marathons. Having four kids changed my life and body. My daytime style is about comfort and function. For nights out, I focus on classic quality styles and flattering silhouettes. I love to change it up with prints.

THE “MAIN LINE MOM” LOOK: Whimsical, pretty and vintage-inspired is how I’d describe the clothes I have for women and kids. It’s about pieces that are easy to wear and comfortable, but still polished and pretty. It’s hard to feel stylish when your days consist of chasing young kids. Go for comfort and function and save those stylish moments for date nights, dinners with friends, and special occasions.

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