Playtime and Kid’s Hub Marketplace Becomes Orderwizz; a B2B Platform for Brands and Buyers in the Children’s Market

November 1, 2022 – Playtime – Following market shifts in response to ecology, the pandemic, and diversity integration, the fashion industry has changed the way it consumes and creates. As it moves toward a more global offering that includes both fashion and lifestyle products and emerging creators alongside mainstream labels, concept stores have increased in popularity and curate more versatile offerings that meet the needs of the modern consumer. Fashion distribution and wholesale had to echo this change, and, why not, be the engine of this structural change.

While the traditional model of the fashion industry is still in full transition and no one can predict which direction will eventually be taken, we have chosen to offer brands and buyers maximum flexibility with a platform that is both physical (in Paris, New York, and Shanghai) and digital.

This is how the Playtime Marketplace was born at the end of 2019, powered by the white-label B2B marketplace makers at Events United and joined a year ago by Kid’s Hub to offer the most complete selection of international kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands. A true pioneer even before the necessity to move online during the pandemic, this marketplace is recognized today as a successful counterpart to the physical trade shows. A tool that has become indispensable to buy or sell new collections, as well as immediate deliveries, without constraints of time or place.

Since then, the platform has continued to grow, improving the user experience for all, offering more and more carefully selected brands, and increasingly qualified buyers. Now a trusted reference for professionals all over the world, it was time for the Playtime and Kid’s Hub Marketplace to emancipate itself and take its position as N°1 in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry.

A logical evolution that meets the standards of the high quality brands and buyers present on the marketplace, Orderwizz is taking its place as the only B2B ordering platform dedicated exclusively to the kid’s industry. Free of commissions or intermediaries, Orderwizz facilitates direct contact between brands and buyers from around the world. With a passionate and skilled international support team, the wholesale experience is given a human touch that is never out of reach.

With 200 brands from 31 countries, a community of 6,300 vetted international buyers from 167 countries can shop the curated selection from the experts at Playtime & Kid’s Hub who have spent over 30 years selecting the top labels that offer everything from kid’s fashion, wellness, lifestyle, furniture, and play products, to parenthood and newborn essentials. As the only trade show and marketplace duo to offer this omnichannel experience, Orderwizz continues to solidify its status as a leader in the market.

Orderwizz’s user-friendly features are built on experience to meet the needs and wants of the kid’s industry professionals that buy and sell on the platform. This new visual identity meets the status that Orderwizz has achieved, and prepares it for a 40% growth in 2023 to reach even more buyers in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market.

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