Busy Bees Kids Retailer Spotlight Series: Dottie Doolittle in San Francisco

March 13, 2023 – Busy Bees Kids – One cold December morning Busy Bees co-founder Maryam Barrett secured a meeting with Maggie Chafen the owner of San Francisco’s revered children’s store Dottie Doolittle to show off her new line of American Prep clothing. 

Prior to the meeting Maggie told Maryam that she would know within 2 minutes if the collection was for her and that she didn’t want to waste anyone’s time.  Well that was 15 years ago and Busy Bees has enjoyed a thriving partnership with Dottie Doolittle since that day. 

From their highly anticipated holiday events to the one stop shop for the best baby gifts wrapped in the signature red Dottie Doolittle box it’s the ultimate  classic children’s boutique. And if you’re not local, you can now shop Dottie Doolittle online.

Maggie and Maryam have formed a long time friendship so we couldn’t imagine a better person and shop to showcase to kick off our “Favorite Retailer Spotlight Series.”  We’re so proud and honored to be in Dottie Doolittle.

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