Elephantito children’s shoes celebrates slow fashion, where elegance meets sustainability and craftsmanship meets comfort

July 18, 2023 – “At Elephantito, we are proud to be a slow fashion children’s brand, committed to creating a positive impact on the environment. We prioritize craftsmanship, quality, comfort, and tradition, offering luxury children’s shoes that stand in stark contrast to the fast fashion industry.

Since our establishment in 2004 on the idyllic Key Biscayne island, Elephantito has become a prominent player in the luxury children’s market. Our company is woman-owned, with Maria Frallicciardi leading the design and production and Alexandra Penso managing sales and finances.

In line with our dedication to sustainability, we prioritize responsible production practices. We produce small batches of our exquisite shoes, ensuring that we don’t overproduce and contribute to wastefulness. Our approach minimizes negative impacts on the environment, setting us apart from the fast fashion industry.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. We work with the finest leathers available in the market, hand-selecting materials that meet our high standards of quality and durability. Our attention to detail and commitment to timeless design make Elephantito shoes both elegant and enduring.

In 2012, we established a state-of-the-art shoe factory in Peru, equipped with cutting-edge Italian machinery and manned by highly skilled shoe artisans. This expansion allowed us to elevate the levels of quality and style in our footwear, further cementing our reputation as a key-player in the industry.

We take great pride in the fact that all Elephantito shoes are proudly “Made in Peru.” Peru is renowned for its exceptional raw materials and a rich heritage of craftsmanship. It is a country that upholds social responsibility, ensuring that workers are protected by conscientious laws and entitled to social security.

Our commitment to excellence and ethical practices has enabled us to expand our presence globally. Elephantito products can now be found in over 130 multi-brand luxury boutiques, department stores, and online retailers worldwide.

Join us in celebrating slow fashion, where elegance meets sustainability and craftsmanship meets comfort. Experience Elephantito—the epitome of luxury children’s wear.”

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