Igor Kids Shoes Offer Up Spring 2024 Delectable Sweets for Little Feet at New York Ali’s Market Wholesale Kids Showroom

September 7, 2023 – Tina Barry Editor’s Picks Spring 2024

It was as bright as a candy store in Ali’s Market Wholesale Kids Showroom Igor Shoes’ booth at the Spring-Summer 2024 Playtime and Kid’s Hub NYC wholesale trade show.

The Spanish children’s brand offered up delectable sweets for little feet, such as the Tobby Gloss Love jellies, in delicious shades of menta, fuchsia and vainilla, festooned with pink hearts (2 infant to 11 little kid).

Igor Shoes, also, put a spin on the classic kids’ sneaker with the Berri, from their Canvas Collection, in a variety of fashion-forward shades such as mustaza, kaki and gris (4 toddler-13 little kid).