Oakville, Ontario-based Lilliput Children’s Boutique opens online retail business offering high-quality baby clothing with a Danish-inspired design

September 7, 2023 – Oakville Beaver/Inside Halton – An Oakville mother has started a new business for parents who are looking for unique, high-quality clothing for their young children.

KJ Kim-McNamara is the founder of the Lilliput Children’s Boutique, which opened for online sales in June. (A brick-and-mortar kids boutique is planned for Downtown Oakville, Ontario.)

She says the online store’s origins can be traced back to a gift she received from her sister when her son was born.

“She was living in Germany at the time and she had sent us some baby clothes and toys that were quite different from what I was used to,” said Kim-McNamara.

“The quality of the clothes (Serendipity), and the softness…The toys (Hevea) were all made with natural rubbers and whatnot that was very sustainable and biodegradable. This was great because at the time we were going through a lot of plastic toys and we were trying to avoid as much plastic as possible.”

Kim-McNamara said she liked these gifts so much she tried to purchase similar clothing and toys for friends when they had their babies, but quickly found these items were not available locally.

The Oakville woman ultimately decided she wanted to bring the same sensation she felt when she received this clothing to others and began importing these products from Denmark for sale.

Thus Lilliput was born.

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