Upper West Side New York City Top Picks for Kids Shopping


June 23, 2019 – ilovetheupperwestside.com – Anyone who thinks the Upper West Side doesn’t have style just doesn’t know where to look according to fashion, retail, and lifestyle writer and blogger Hali Berman. ilovetheupperwestside.com sat down with Hali, who is a mother of two daughters Demi and Ivy, to discuss her move from the UES to the UWS, her new website and her top picks for fashion forward kids shopping on the Upper West Side. Hali has worked for brands including Bergdof Goodman, DailyCandy, PureWow, Louis Vuitton, and Shiseido.

Do you like the change from the UES to UWS?

I do. I’ll always have a place in my heart for the Upper East Side. I loved the fanciness and larger than life aspect of living there. But the Upper West Side is really warm and welcoming. It’s easy. It’s friendly. It’s casual. And it really has felt like home very fast for us.

Have you found the UWS to be mom friendly?

There are so many great things for kids on the UWS. There are so many classes. And a different playgrounds, it seems, every couple steps you take on Central Park West. We hang out at the new Safari playground a lot lately. I have found that other moms are so friendly over here. One time a mom came up to me on the street and said it looks like our kids are around the same age, do you want to plan a play date? It’s been nice. And it’s been really appreciated.

So let’s get to it. What are your top picks for fashion forward for kids shopping on the Upper West Side?

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