Miles Baby Neighborhood Shop Spotlight: Small Wonders in Wyckoff, NJ


June 22, 2019 – Miles Baby – Community enthusiast, Rosanna Young of Small Wonders in Wyckoff, NJ, embodies what it means to be a neighborhood shop: she calls her clients friends, organizes community outreach events, and feels blessed to be surrounded by people who are driven to support their local businesses. The success of her brick and mortar and online children’s store is therefore no small wonder.

What inspired you to open a children’s store?

As a mother of two active boys, I know how precious time is. I was inspired to open a local children’s boutique because I realized there was a need for parents (and grandparents!) to have a convenient place to shop for their children that didn’t require a long trip sitting in traffic. I wanted to bring everything you would get at the mall right to their doorsteps.

How would you describe being a local boutique?

Being a local boutique means more than just a convenient place to shop. We’ve become a member of the community. I recently spearheaded our first community outreach event with an Easter Egg Hunt that all the business owners in our shopping center participated in. It’s important that our customers know we aren’t just looking at them as sales opportunities, but as friends in the community.

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