Kid’s Dream’s Ultimate Unicorn and GIRL POWER Back to School List!


September 15, 2019 – Kid’s Dream – It’s back to school for our favorite girls! And what better way to get ready than with unicorn inspired outfits and school supplies, kid apps for success, and of course, girl power inspiration to cover all grounds this school year? Nothing can make our little girls feel more empowered than having her own style, that’s why Chewy created the unicorn-inspired tutu line just in time for back to school. If your little girl is ready to take on this school year like an absolute #girlboss, here are the tools, apps, tutus, and quotes for heading back to school the right way.

Back to school lists are super helpful, but girl power back to school lists are even better. Girls want it all and if there’s anything the Women’s National Team (WNT) has showed us this year, it’s that inspiration and hard work start early. So we created 4 inspiring and helpful lists to make going back to school inspirational and empowering for girls.

How do you pick the perfect back to school dress?

Back to school is an exciting time for girls who love to learn and be with their friends. But answering the question of what to wear can sometimes be overwhelming. Should I wear a dress? Should I match my friends? Are just some of the thoughts that come to mind for little girls. Letting girls pick out their own outfits for back to school is an empowering practice that parents can implement early on. Nothing screams dress to impress for a little girl this season than unicorns and tutus. Whimsical outfits in our first list feel fun, inspired, and give girls a boost of confidence going into their new school year. “A child being able to dress herself is such an important psychological and emotional milestone,” says Karen Ruskin, Psy.D., LMFT, a family therapist in Sharon, Massachusetts. This is the back to school outfits list for little girls who love magical beginnings.

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