Baby Love at Cinnamon Bears in Edmond, OK


September 16, 2019 – The Edmund Sun – Late last week, I was on a mission that left me in unfamiliar territory. I ended up in said landscape after my dear friend Emily sent a group text awhile back that managed to make multiple heads spin in unison — a pregnancy announcement for a surprise third baby. Many screams, tears, and open mouths later, a gender reveal party was in the works and I needed a gift to take to the big unveiling.

Once upon a lullaby, I was a baby goods guru. I knew every product, gadget, and way to make a mom’s life easier that existed. I was a pro. Today, I can tell you the best hoverboard to buy, which Lego sets will steal 10-plus hours of your life away, and how to dress an American Girl doll like a runway model, but baby gear has me bamboozled. Confounded, I headed to Edmond’s mecca of all things infant — Cinnamon Bears Children’s Boutique and reintroduced myself to the land of little ones and all things tots.

I practically smelled that intoxicating newborn baby fragrance as I took in all the beautiful displays that fill the 3,500-square-foot interior of the relocated Cinnamon Bears. Established in 2005 and originally located in downtown Edmond, the business moved to Kelly Centre (610 S. Kelly Ave., 405-330-2327) in November 2018 and carries a huge array of clothing and accessories (preemie to size 6), toys, room décor, diaper bags, and every other inventive baby product under the sun.

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