Lily Valley Baby Now Open in North Bismarck, ND


September 6, 2019 – – If you’ve noticed Lily Valley Baby is no longer in downtown Bismarck, there’s no need to worry.

You can find all your baby essentials in its new north Bismarck location, 1408 43rd Avenue NE, Bismarck ND.

“It’s really open. Not that you felt crowded at the other place but it’s just good space and they have a really good kids area. He can play in the tent and kind of be quiet while I can relax and just look around,” says long-time customer Karlee Mindt.

Shop owner Samantha Swanson says the switch was due to a need for more space.

Her new store is larger and now has a changing room, kids nook and inventory room.

“It was a risky move and it was really scary but so far the support we’ve received has been great,” Swanson says.