Stylists for kids join growing luxury children’s fashion market


September 23, 2019 – ABC News – It might look like your average mother-daughter shopping trip, but for 9-year-old Riley Robinson, this is certainly not a typical back-to-school run. Robinson is about to meet with her personal stylist.

Meet Mona Sharaf, a fashion consultant with some pint-sized clients.

“My first few years, I didn’t really see many kids or any kids. And then all of a sudden, my phone was blowing up with kids themselves, calling me — their parents calling me,” Sharaf told “Nightline.”

Kids fashion is a huge industry, and the luxury market for children is growing. Stylists like Sharaf, and services like Rent the Runway, tap into an expanding retail space.

“Of all the children’s clothing businesses, luxury is one of the groups that’s growing the fastest,” said ABC News’ Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis.

“Overall, children’s clothing does about $233 billion in sales annually – the luxury market does about $6 billion and it’s growing,” Jarvis added.

Sharaf has been in the fashion industry now for six years, but it wasn’t until recently she started taking on what she calls her “little clients.”

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