After Conquering Kids Clothes, Two Friends Raise the Bar With Shop Birdie in Fort Worth, TX


November 6, 2019 – Paper City – When I walked into Shop Birdie on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, TX to chat with owners Jessica Wiest Breslin and Brittany Voxland, I was met with a whirlwind of activity. The small boutique was bustling with activity and shoppers of all ages.

Breslin and Voxland have the kind of impeccable, easy style most women love to emulate. They graciously fit me in on a busy day when they were about to head to Dallas for a market trip.

Breslin and Voxland met pre-marriage and pre-children through mutual friends. A strong friendship blossomed between the two that took through the next few stages of life. Young professionals, marriage and then motherhood.

They had their first children just a few weeks apart. Breslin, originally from New Orleans, left her intense buying job at Dillards to be a stay at home mom. Simultaneously, Voxland left her demanding human resources position at an aerospace company to do the same.

The two new mothers were ready to tackle mom life. But soon enough, Breslin and Voxland, ever the busy bodies, felt the need to cultivate something of their own. They came up with the idea for a children’s clothing store, b kids boutique, while walking together on the Trinity Trails.

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