How This Kids’ Apparel Brand Is Breaking Barriers With Gender-Neutral, Inclusive Clothing


November 24, 2019 – Forbes – Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard, founders of Primary, a gender-neutral children’s clothing company, are revolutionizing the $30 billion kids’ clothing industry by making their clothes quality-driven, simplistic and reasonably affordable.

“We view ourselves as like the Lego or the Crayola of kids clothing,” expresses Carbonell. “Simple styles that are meant for everyone. You can’t go wrong in how you wear them. There are other things out there you can add on to that just like in the toy world for example.” The idea of Primary came from the frustration Carbonell and Bernard felt while shopping for their children. Personal pain-points rose while they were pushed toward a specific product based on gender. For example, boys’ clothing was only available in blue, green, orange and red, while girls’ clothing was only available in pink, purple, teal and white. They felt that the market was very prescriptive for no reason and aspired to build a brand based on the things they wanted for themselves and their children.

From plain white t-shirts being out of stock to having to wait for a 40% sale in order to pay a reasonable price for a pair of leggings, these founders were bewildered as to why there wasn’t a more simplistic approach to children’s clothing. Since 2015, Primary produces clothing that are inclusive and free of bows, glitter and graphics. Instead, their collection is classic in design and comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns for babies and kids.

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