Balmain fuels childrenswear with Simonetta: Opens first Balmain Kids stores


December 2, 2019 – The Global Fashion Business JournalBalmain is boosting its childrenswear line with Simonetta. Italian childrenswear licensee Simonetta has just opened the first two stores of Balmain Kids. The first store opened on November 1 in the department store, Harrods and has one hundred square meters. The second store of Balmain Kids opened days later in Oberpollinger, Munich and has twenty-five square meters.

With these two openings the company seeks to “improve the visibility of the Balmain childrenswear line in international markets, this also implies achieving important partnerships and solid deals with department stores in Europe,” Simonetta explained in a press release.

In recent years, many of the luxury brands have decided to take back control of their childrenswear lines and end partnerships with companies like CWF and and Kidiliz (previously called Zannier Group). Burberry was one of the pioneers of this strategy when it didn’t renew its agreement with CWF in 2015, a deal that had been going on since 2002.

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